3007, 2013

Chef Coats: Which One is Right for You?

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Chef Coats: Which One is Right for You?
Author: Automotive Workwear

When it comes to chef coats, you have three options for sleeves: ½, ¾, and full sleeve. How do you know which one is right for you? Choosing the proper workwear for the job is important for maintaining professionalism, and efficiency. Keep reading for a look at which sleeve length might be right for you.

The ½ sleeve. In the arena of chef coats, the short sleeve is the least versatile. It is, however, also the coolest for working long hours in a kitchen. The short sleeve works best for chefs who will be working pantry, or other jobs away from hot surfaces. The short sleeve chef coat has been popularized by celebrity chefs on cooking shows, like Gordon Ramsey […]

1807, 2013

Embroidery: Custom Logos

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Embroidery: Custom Logo
Ordering custom embroidered workwear has never been quite so simple. Automotive workwear makes the process easy, and affordable. From custom logos, to names, custom embroidery on workwear fosters uniformity, branding, and excellent customer […]