3 Flame Resistant Facts

Flame resistant workwear is in great demand, especially in the following industries: oil and gas, electrical, and manufacturing. Any job that is in danger of an electrical arc or flash fire should provide flame resistant apparel for workers. If you are aware that you need secondary protection from fire hazards, there’s a good chance that you have already looked into flame resistant workwear, and you are probably already a little bit familiar with what’s out there, and why you need it. That being said, there are probably quite a few facts about FR workwear that you might still be learning. Keep reading for a look at 3 facts about FR garments.

  1. Knowing the nature of your hazard is the first step to finding the right level of protection. If you call Automotive Workwear, looking for a recommendation on Bulwark FR garments, the very first question you will be asked is: “what is the nature of your hazard?” This question lets us know that you have done the research and are aware of the hazards to yourself, or your employees. If you don’t know the right level of protection needed, you will need to find that out. There are companies that will assess the nature of your hazard, and tell you the level of hazard risk category (HRC) that you will need to meet with your protective apparel.

  2. Knowing the terms is going to be an important step in choosing FR garments. HRC and ARC ratings are the levels and labels that will help make sure that you are wearing enough protection for the job you are doing. You can find detailed information about these terms in other blog posts, or on our website.

  3. Flame resistant garments come in all shapes and sizes. What do you picture for flame resistant workwear? Yes, Bulwark does make some really great FR coveralls that are top of the line in the industry, but did you also know that you can buy FR jeans and hoodies? Depending on your job and the level of protection you need, Bulwark has options for everybody. The average electrician or manufacturer that needs a low level protection has the option of choosing 100 percent cotton denim jeans and a button down that are FR garments, while the worker in oil and gas who needs head to toe secondary protection can find the best Bulwark coveralls that are flame resistant. Our website offers a variety of flame resistant garments that will provide you will the best protection for your job hazard.

When it comes to choosing FR garments, Bulwark is creating top of the line garments that are not only practical, but also the safest in the industry. Breakaway zippers, a variety of treated and inherently flame resistant fabrics, and careful testing are just some of the great things you can expect from Bulwark’s FR garments. If you know that you are in need of FR apparel, or you just want to see what’s available, be sure to check out our website and look under the Flame Resistant heading.