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New in Flame Resistant: Bulwark iQ Series

What is the nature of your hazard? If you are in the oil and gas industry, electrical, or manufacturing, there’s a good chance you are familiar with that question. When customers call us looking for flame resistant workwear, that’s our first question. It’s important that you know the nature of your hazard, and the safety requirements you need to meet. Once you know  If you need flame resistant workwear, you are going to love Bulwark’s newest FR garments.

While you already love Bulwark for their durable, comfortable, and safe flame resistant garments, you are about to fall even more in love with their new garments. Introducing the Bulwark iQ series: a revolutionary new garment that provides secondary protection against flash fires and electrical arcs. You probably already know about their flame resistant cotton, Nomex, and Cool Touch fabrics, but Bulwark’s newest venture collaborates with another leader in flame resistant science: Miliken. This new fabric has features that will knock your socks off. Check out a few features below, and be completely won over by this exciting new product.

Without compromising on protection, Bulwark and Miliken’s newest fabric is lighter and more breathable, allowing you to be comfortable at all times. The fabric is also designed to better manage moisture, wicking moisture away from the body and allowing it to evaporate. If you are working in a hot climate, or in a job with a lot of heat, this fabric is about to make your workday a million times easier! Bulwark’s new design took into account the importance of being comfortable in your FR workwear, and made sure that the new fabric soft, sliding comfortably on your skin without feeling rough. The fabric also moves with you, giving you greater mobility on the job. Lastly, as with all great Bulwark garments, this fabric has durability, featuring FR protection for the life of the garment.

With all these great features, you probably can’t wait to get your hands a new garment from the Bulwark iQ series. The great news is, it’s coming this year! Within a few months, you will be able to order exactly what you need for FR protection, in the most amazing and newest fabric yet. The future of flame resistant workwear is coming, and it’s amazing. Check our website for when we will have garments available, or call a customer service representative for more information.

When you work in a hazardous job, where flash fires and electrical arcs are a very real and present danger, it’s important that you have flame resistant workwear you can count on to protect you. Our Bulwark garments are the best available, offering durability, meeting safety standards, and providing comfortable, practical garments designed with the worker in mind. Be sure to check out all our options on our website and find just what you need, from work pants, to coveralls, to henleys, and hoodies. Keep in mind, we also offer flame resistant embroidery services if you want to see your company logo on your FR garments.