Choosing Flame Resistant Workwear that is Right for You

Before ordering any flame resistant garments, you should always check with your employer or safety manager to ensure that you know the Hazard Rating Category (HRC) Level and ARC ratings needed for your particular job. Every job will have different levels of protection needed, so it’s important to verify what level you need. Ask your employer or safety manager about the required HRC level, or ARC rating. If they don’t know, they will need to have the job evaluated to determine the proper level of protection you need in flame resistant workwear. Flame and thermal protective fabrics should provide the expected degree of protection for the life of the garment, keeping you safer on the job.

Choosing the right flame resistant workwear for your job consists of finding apparel that meets the safety requirements of your job, as well as being acceptable in appearance to both the employer and wearer. Protective garments should be functional and practical for everyday wear on the job, including being comfortable and durable. Our Bulwark flame resistant garments come in a wide variety of styles and levels of protection, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Not only should your FR apparel be comfortable and durable, holding up to the proper arc rating, but you should take into account any other hazards that will be present on the job. Other potential hazards include chemical or molten substance exposure. The flame resistant workwear you choose should also be able to withstand heavy duty laundering. Many of our Bulwark garments are built to stand up to industrial washings, making them popular choices for large companies. Properly laundering and caring for these garments should remove soils, and flammable contaminants, without changing the appearance of the garment or causing excessive shrinkage.

There are a number of different factors to take into account when choosing the right flame resistant workwear for you. You will want to have a little bit of knowledge about FR fabrics, and what you want your clothing made from. We carry Bulwark FR apparel, so there is a variety of fabrics available. We offer treated and inherent FR fabrics. Treated cotton is a popular choice, since it can’t be beat for comfort and softness. Nomex is a popular choice for inherently FR fabric, offering excellent wickability. The style of your workwear is another factor to consider. While coveralls are a great choice for the oil and gas industry, you might be looking for something a little more “everyday” style. We offer FR jeans, FR shirts, and even FR hoodies to help you find the most comfortable and durable flame resistant workwear for your job.
Check out our website to view our excellent Bulwark products, or call a customer service representative to find out more about which garments can meet your need. Be prepared to discuss the nature of your hazard, and the level of protection that you require. Your FR garments should be comfortable, durable, of wearable style, and above all, provide protection against arc flashes, and other on-the-job hazards.