Bulwark Flame Resistant Clothing

FAQs about Flame Resistant Fabrics: Taking a Closer Look, Part 2

We looked at a couple common questions about flame resistant fabrics in our last blog post, but there are still many more questions that we hear pretty regularly. Safety managers, employers, and even the workers themselves, like to know exactly what they are getting into with flame resistant workwear. Wearing the proper secondary protection on the job can save your life. Flame resistant workwear means the difference between serious, life threatening injuries, and minor burns. Let’s take a closer look at a few more questions that you might have about flame resistant fabrics.

Because Bulwark guarantees their garments for the “life of the garment,” it stands to reason that you might wonder: What is meant by the “Life of the Garment”?

Bulwark flame resistant garments are meant to last a fairly long time, but it is absolutely vital that you follow the care and laundering instructions for each garment. Flame resistant garments can be made from treated fibers, or inherently FR fabrics. Treatments can wash out over time when proper care is not taken of the garment. Many of the FR garments are designed to withstand the heavy duty industrial washings, but it is generally considered by the purchasers of these garments that the garments must last through a minimum of 125 industrial launderings. It’s important to keep an eye on the washings, since the garment may still look good while the flame resistant properties have washed out.  Another important point to consider, FR fabrics that are inherently flame resistant, like Nomex, may be more expensive up front, but they will generally last much longer as the FR properties cannot be washed out.

Another question that we hear is: What garments are offered by Bulwark?

Honestly, Bulwark has a huge selection of flame resistant workwear. Each of their garments, that we sell, are considered secondary protection. Primary protection would be the uniform and gear of a firefighter. That means that these flame resistant garments are designed to be worn all day on the job. Each Bulwark FR garment is designed to self extinguish within seconds, although it’s important to still take care in each situation. In the case of hazardous static discharge, Bulwark FR garments should not be put on, or taken off. These garments also do not offer protection against chemical exposures. All that being said, let’s talk about your options of garments. Depending on the HRC level needed, or nature of your hazard, there are a variety of options. We sell FR jeans, henleys, hoodies, jackets, and coveralls. No matter your need, you will be able to find flame resistant garments that offer your comfort and protection on the job.

If you are in need of flame resistant workwear, talk to your safety manager or employer to ensure that you are aware of any safety standards you need to meet. You can find most of our options online, but you are also welcome to call a customer service representative to get help. Before calling, be sure you know the nature of your hazard, and the HRC level you need to meet. Check out our website for further information.