Flame Resistant Fabrics

Flame Resistant Fabrics

If the job calls for flame resistant workwear, it’s pretty important to know your fabric options, and which one is best for you to use. The very first, and one of the most important, thing to remember about fabrics when working in a fire hazardous job is no synthetic materials. Even your undergarments need to be natural fibers. Think 100 percent cotton, or silk, but watch out for polyester blends. Because polyester will melt right onto your body in the case of an accident, it’s best to just steer clear of it. Flame resistant workwear comes in a variety of fabrics, and depending on your job, one might be a better fit than another. Let’s look at a few options, and how they might be used. These are Bulwark selections, and workwear in these fabrics can be purchased from Automotive Workwear.

100% Cotton
Bulwark uses 100 percent cotton to make flame resistant workwear that is completely comfortable and natural feeling, while still offering protection for the wearer. You might be thinking there is no way that cotton can be flame resistant, but with some great work on the part of scientists, cotton is one of the most popular choices due to its comfort level and flame resistant properties. Cotton fabric is made up of hollow fibers, filled with oxygen which fuels fire, and that is what causes cotton to burn rapidly. Bulwark has a special process of filling the hollow fibers, which gives the fire nothing to burn, causing the fabric to be flame resistant. One of Automotive Workwear’s best selling garments is the 100 percent cotton deluxe coveralls. The fabric makes them a great choice for foundries, electrical utilities, and welding.

Comfortouch is a blend of 88 percent cotton and 12 percent nylon. This particular combination, treated to be flame resistant, is an excellent option for almost any job. Cotton provides comfort, while nylon provides durability. Automotive Workwear offers a variety of Bulwark Comfortouch products, including jackets, hoodies, coveralls, and more. Depending on your need, check out what’s available.

Nomex IIIA
Nomex is specifically designed to be extra durable, lightweight, and provide excellent protection for wearers. Nomex IIIA is preferred by workers in refineries and petrochemical environments, although it is also an excellent option for workers in electric and gas utilities. Nomex IIIA is a blend of 93 percent Nomex, 5 percent Kevlar, and 2 percent other fibers.

Cool Touch 2
Cool Touch 2 is inherently flame resistant, and it works to wick away any moisture, as well as provide protection. It is lightweight and extremely durable. The blend of fabrics causes Cool Touch 2 workwear to be incredible soft, while still providing protection from the environment. You can find a variety of Bulwark products at Automotive Workwear in Cool Touch 2, including work shirts and coveralls.

Before buying flame resistant workwear for your employees, always know the nature of your hazard, and research which fabric options will provide the best protection. You can also call a customer service representative at Automotive Workwear to get more information on flame resistant options.