FR sweatshirt

Flame Resistant Sweatshirts

If you need flame resistant uniforms, you might already be aware of the all the different options available to you. Depending on the nature of your job hazard, you know there are four different hazard risk category (HRC) levels, and the FR clothing you choose will need to meet the requirements for the HRC level and ATPV rating. While many oil and gas jobs will require full protection from coveralls and multiple layers, you may find that the occasional job, such as some electrical and manufacturing work, will not call for such drastic protective measures. In those cases, you will have the option of choosing such FR apparel as jeans, henleys, button down shirts, and sweatshirts. FR sweatshirts are great for comfort and warmth on the job, while still providing excellent protection from arc flashes. Keep reading for a more indepth look a few of our Bulwark sweatshirts.

Flame Resistant Pullover Hooded Fleece Sweatshirt

One of our newest FR products, this sweatshirt is sure to be popular. Meeting HRC level 2, with an arc rating ATPV 18 calories/cm2, this fleece sweatshirt provides not only protection, but will keep you warm and comfortable on the job. The fabric is a flame resistant brushed fleece, with an ammonia cure. As this garment is compliant with standard 70E, it is sure to be a popular choice with those in the manufacturing industries. This sweatshirt has a two-ply hood with a drawstring closure, and a ¼ zip front. the rib knit cuff and waistband give this “hoodie” a classic appearance, as well as keeping in warmth. Side seam pockets give you a convenient place to store small items you may need while working. This garment can be easily tossed in your home wash, just be sure to follow the proper washing instruction for flame resistant apparel. You can find those guidelines on our website, or in a previous blog post. Manufactured by Bulwark, you can trust that this garment is on the forefront of flame resistant technology and will provide superior secondary protection against flash fires and electrical arcs. You can find this garment on our website by searching the order code: SEH2NV.

Flame Resistant Excel-FR Crewneck Sweatshirt

We know that a “hoodie” might not fit your needs, so we also offer a crewneck sweatshirt. A crew neck will give you a slightly more professional appearance. This sweatshirt is rated for HRC level 2, with an arc rating ATPV 18 calories/cm2. The fabric is a flame resistant, 100 percent cotton, brushed fleece. The cotton will give this sweatshirt softness and breathability, while the FR treatment gives you protection against electrical arcs and flash fires. This garment has rib knit cuffs, neck, and waistband, keeping warmth in. The plain front allows you to project a professional appearance without compromising on warmth and comfort. This FR sweatshirt is easily laundered at home, just be sure to follow the guidelines for washing flame resistant apparel. You can find this garment under the order code: SEC4NV.

Each of these sweatshirts, and all our other FR garments, are manufactured by Bulwark. Bulwark is a leader in flame resistant technology, and you can rest assured that these garments will help to keep you safe on the job. Talk to your safety manager about the garments you need for your job, and which garments are appropriate.