Bulwark Flame Resistant Clothing

Flame Resistant Workwear

What is flame resistant workwear, and when does it become important for your safety? There are a number of different jobs that call for flame resistant workwear. Some jobs, like workers at oil refineries, call for flame resistant workwear at all times. Welders, electricians, and utility workers also need it. If your workers need flame resistant clothing for their jobs, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Flame Resistant Vs. Flame Retardant
When choosing FR workwear for your employees, keep safety foremost in your mind. Price of workwear, even top of the line workwear, is bound to be cheaper than paying the bills after an accident for which the employee was improperly dressed for. Knowing that, it’s important to understand the difference between flame resistant workwear, and flame retardant workwear. Flame retardant workwear is regular fabric, with some sort of guard on the material–something that might be sprayed on, or a fabric treatment. The problem with flame retardant clothing is that the treatment can wear off. With numerous launderings, and daily work, the flame retardant will eventually come off, and there’s no way of knowing when the workwear will stop protecting the wearer. Flame resistant clothing, however, has a defense in the actual fabric. For example, cotton fabric can be made flame resistant by a special process of filling the air pockets in the fibers. The treatment cannot be washed out, no matter how many times you launder the clothing. Although, it is important to care properly for the workwear. Flame resistant clothing will do its job, stopping the flames, and reducing the wearer’s risk of injury. Always choose flame resistant workwear for your employees.

Knowing Your Hazard
Before you can even determine what flame resistant workwear you need, you have to understand the nature of your hazard. What jobs are your employees doing that require special clothing? Welders, for example, are constantly dealing with sparks and high heat, so the workwear that is recommended for them is different from the workwear that an electrician might wear. Electricians deal with arc flashes, meaning they need specialized workwear to handle the output of heat. Before ordering safety workwear for your employees, know the nature of your hazard.

What Workwear You Need
The workwear that you need will vary, depending on the nature of your hazard. However, the brand of workwear you choose can make a difference, and you can’t go wrong with choosing Bulwark. Bulwark flame resistant workwear is third party certified, produced in a government lab to ensure safety standards are met, and tested very carefully so that workers can choose a garment that is reliable to protect them as much as possible from fire.

Automotive Workwear is a distributor for Bulwark products, offering workwear protection for workers who regularly deal with fire hazards, or even just need something to get them through one job. Call a customer service representative today, or go online, to find out what options are available. Make the choice to keep your employees safe by choosing high quality, flame resistant workwear.