Flame Resistant Fabrics

Stylish and Practical: The Future of Flame Resistant Workwear

Flame resistant workwear is necessary in many jobs due to the daily hazards faced. It’s not just firefighters wearing FR; there is an entire host of workers wearing secondary fire protection daily. The oil and gas industry, electricians, and the manufacturing businesses are all providing flame resistant garments to workers to comply with OSHA standards. While it is great news that companies are protecting their employees by providing them with the right workwear, it also means that companies designing flame resistant workwear have to stay on the cutting edge of FR technology to provide the safest, and most practical clothing.

Bulwark is just such a company. At Automotive Workwear, we are proud to sell Bulwark’s flame resistant garments. Bulwark is a leader in flame resistant technology, and is currently making FR garments and fabrics that will revolutionize the way flame resistant garments are viewed. For years they have been designing products that were practical and, above all, safe. Keeping safety and practicality at the forefront, Bulwark has also been designing garments that are stylish and functional for the everyday workman who needs FR protective garments. This has included denim jeans, button down work shirts, and even FR hoodies. While the oil and gas industry is looking for coveralls, which we provide, the average electrician might just need a good pair of work pants and a jacket that will help keep him or her safe in the event of an arc flash. Bulwark makes quality flame resistant garments, from coveralls, to lab coats, to hoodies, that provide excellent secondary protection for workers in hazardous conditions. They use a variety of different flame resistant fabrics to make their garments. Some are inherently flame resistant, while others are treated. For example, Nomex is a common choice for the oil and gas industry. Nomex is a man made fiber that is inherently flame resistant. Cotton, on the other hand, is a porous natural fiber. However, Bulwark has a process of treating cotton that fills the fibers, making the fabric flame resistant. Bulwark has just recently released a flame resistant polyester fabric. FR garments made from polyester have previously been unheard of, but this new polyester is engineered to be flame resistant. Polyester flame resistant garments have the potential to provide stylish, practical, and comfortable garments for the everyday workers who need flame resistant protective workwear. These garments are not structured for industrial washings, rather they are designed for the electrician, or similar job type, who just needs a few garments here and there for his own use. Polyester garments are comfortable to wear, can be tossed in the home wash, and these FR polyester garments will provide the safety that you need. Please keep in mind, FR polyester is not the same as regular polyester. Polyester clothing you buy in the store is not protective workwear, and will in fact have the opposite effect in a hazardous situation, causing you more harm. Flame resistant polyester is carefully engineered to give you more comfortable protective garments, but it is not equal to other polyester fabrics.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting new fabric in flame resistant workwear from Bulwark, check out your options online, or call a customer service representative to see what we can do for you! As always, when shopping for FR, know the nature of your hazard and the level of protection that you need before contacting us. If you don’t know, check with your safety manager to find out.