The Science Behind Bulwark FR Garments

How flame resistant garments work

When we say Flame-resistant (FR) we are talking about the fabrics and garments which are designed to resist different levels of ignition. Aside from resisting ignition, FR garments are meant to prevent the dispersion of flames from the source that the heat breached from, as well as self-extinguishing once the source of ignition has been removed.

All FR garments are made from FR fabric and there are essentially two varieties: one being inherent FR and the other being treated FR. When we say Inherently FR we mean that the fabrics themselves are designed in order to be flame resistant for life. That means that the FR properties which help guard against arc flash and certain flames are built into the fabric down to the very molecules. This type of FR protection does not wash out, or wear over time and as long as properly cared for, the garment will always be flame resistant.

Treated FR fabrics are brought through a chemical application process which makes them flame resistant. Unlike inherent FR, treated FR products will wear down and become less protective throughout the life of the garment. Typical things that can wear down a treated FR garment are: general wear, UV exposure, laundering and abrasion.

One of the most popular inherent FR solutions is Nomex®. For many years Nomex® has been the popular choice in a variety of industries. The way Nomex® works is that when it is exposed to extreme heat it undergoes a unique reaction, adapting its properties to capture more energy within the fabric, thus giving the wearer precious extra sections of protection from heat transfer.

An added benefit to Nomex® is that it offers the lowest possible weight in its FR class while giving the wearer the highest level of protection.

Another popular solution that has recently emereged is being developed by Bulwark FR. the Bulwark FR iQ series is a radical new FR solution that incorporates molecular FR in a polyester fabric. Their Dual Elemental Protection, allows FR protection in a performance based polyester environment without the loss of aesthetics, while still being breathable and is comfortable to work in. For more information about this exciting new FR technology visit

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