FR Hi Vis

Flame Resistant High Visibility Garments

Various industries, including electric utility and oil and gas, require flame resistant garments, but there are also times that you may need garments that meet FR requirements and high visibility standards. Working in an area with low visibility and traffic of any speed usually requires high visibility garments. Searching in our “Flame Resistant” category will bring up the subcategory of flame resistant high visibility (FR High Vis) garments. Let’s take a look at a few of the options we have available.

Hi Vis Flame Resistant Long Sleeve T-Shirt

One of our new products, this garment is manufactured by Bulwark and is sure to be an excellent choice for many of you. The style is a crewneck style, long sleeve t-shirt, with hemmed sleeves. The tagless brand label and warning label allow for comfort and better safety. Full side seam gussets offer increased range of motion. This t-shirt offers 360 degree full visibility, and flame resistance. It is ANSI 107-2010 Class 3 Level 2 compliant. It is HRC level 2, and has an arc rating ATPV 8.1 calories/cm2. This shirt is designed to meet your flame resistant high visibility needs, and still be easy to wear and care for. It can easily be tossed in the home wash, and flame resistant properties are guaranteed for the life of the garment when cared for properly. Check it out up close by searching the order code: SMK2HV.

Flame Resistant Hi Visibility Mesh Safety Vest

If you need something a little easier to put on and off on the job, check out this classic safety vest. With flame resistant high visibility properties, this vest is a great choice. The hook and loop front closure with adjustable sides makes it a good fit for almost any wearer. Parallel striping on the front and back aids in providing 360 degree visibility. The reflective striping is also flame resistant. This garment is ANSI 107-2010 Class 2 Level 2 compliant. It is classified as HRC level 1, with an arc rating ATPV 5.1 calories/cm2. This vest is designed for home washing. See it by searching the order code: VMV8HV.

As with all our flame resistant garments, we ask that you check with your safety manager before ordering to ensure that you are meeting all the safety requirements for your job. You should be familiar with the hazard risk category (HRC) level and arc rating your FR garments need to meet. If you know that you need high visibility garments, you should also be familiar with the safety regulations that you need to meet. You can find a little more information about both flame resistant and high visibility safety regulations on our website. The two garments above are simply a couple of the many flame resistant work apparel we offer, and if you’re looking specifically for flame resistant high visibility garments, we have a few more options as well. We also carry many solely high visibility garments. Be sure to check them out on our website, and call a customer service representative if you have any questions.