High Visibility Work Apparel

Are you looking for ANSI compliant high visibility clothing?

Automotive Workwear provides a variety of garments that meet the various standards of the American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear. These Standards are divided into three classes of garments based on your type of work. Automotive Workwear provides high visibility clothing that fits your safety requirements. Keep reading for more on specific garments, and jobs that require them.

Class 1 Garments
This class garment is intended to keep safe workers who are separate from vehicle traffic that does not exceed 25 mph. Jobs that might require a class 1 garment are parking service attendants, delivery vehicle drivers, sidewalk maintenance workers, and shopping cart retrievers. The most common type of garment would be a high visibility safety vest. Automotive Workwear offers a safety vest that meets the requirement for a class 2 garment, which means that it is appropriate for class 1. The vest is 100% polyester, featuring a hook and loop front closure with adjustable sides. It offers 360 degree visibility, with front/back 2” reflective striping. This vest is not flame resistant. Manufactured by Red Kap, this vest is recommended for home wash.

Class 2 Garments
This class of workwear item is intended for worker safety when the environment includes poor visibility due to weather conditions, and vehicle traffic greater than 25 mph. Workers who need this level of garment include law enforcement personnel, trash or recycling crews, school crossing guards, and parking and toll gate personnel. Automotive Workwear offers a variety of Class 2 high visibility clothing, including short sleeve and long sleeve work shirts, a safety vest, short and long sleeve T-shirts, and a high visibility jacket.

Class 3 Garments
Class 3 high visibility workwear is intended to provide the greatest visibility for workers in high risk environments. This includes weather conditions and traffic speeds greater than 50 mph. This specifically applies to roadway construction workers and vehicle operators, emergency responders, survey crews, and accident site investigators. This class garment item should provide coverage to the arms and/or legs, as well as the torso of the worker. They can include jackets, rainwear, or coveralls. Automotive Workwear provides an assortment of class 3 garments to fit your needs. Short and long sleeve work shirts with reflective striping provide high visibility, and can be paired with class E trousers to provide head to toe coverage.

Automotive Workwear offers a variety of high visibility clothes options, including classes 2 and 3 ANSI compliant work shirts. Classes 1 and 2 require reflective material on the shoulder area, and Red Kap work shirts provide that.  If you are looking for enhanced visibility clothing, but not ANSI 107-2004 or 107-2010 compliant, Automotive Workwear also provides professional looking workwear with reflective striping. If you are unsure what high visibility workwear you need, you can always check with the American National Standards Institute. You could also talk to a customer service representative at Automotive Workwear to find out more information on the garments, and get further direction for choosing high visibility clothing for your safety.