High Visibility Work Clothing

High visibility workwear is for anyone working in low visibility conditions. If you are in road construction, the police force, emergency medical services, or airport ground crew, you are in need of high visibility work clothing. The American National Standard for High-Visibility Safety Apparel and Headwear is a standard that protects workers in low visibility conditions by mandating high visibility workwear in certain areas. There are four classes of garments advised for various job situations. Whether you need work pants, work shirts, or coveralls, rest assured that you can find high visibility apparel to ensure your safety. When looking for high visibility apparel, there are a couple things to consider.

Who needs high visibility apparel?
As stated above, there are a variety of jobs that call for high visibility work clothing. Parking service attendants, delivery vehicle drivers, workers in warehouses with equipment traffic, school crossing guards, railway workers, trash and recycling operations, law enforcement personnel, airport ground crews, survey crews, and on-site accident investigators are just some of the important jobs that call for high visibility workwear. However, not every job calls for the same high visibility items.

What items do you need?
Some jobs require head-to-toe high visibility workwear, while others do not. School crossing guards and parking service attendants are considered Class 1, and most likely will only require a safety vest.

Class 1: refers to workers in areas where vehicle traffic is below 25 mph.

Class 2: provides greater visibility for workers in poor weather conditions and low visibility where traffic exceeds 25 mph. This might include work shirts, or jackets.

Class 3: provides the highest coverage of high visibility work clothing, and should cover the arms, legs and torso of the worker. This would include work shirts, work pants, coveralls, and jackets. Class 3 is advised in areas where traffic exceeds 50 mph.

Class E: is for garments that provide reflective materials, but must be worn with an item of at least a Class 2 or 3 to meet working standards. For example, work pants that meet retro-reflective standards are considered Class E, and when worn with a Class 2 work shirt, the high visibility workwear is considered Class 3 appropriate.

How to shop for Hi-Vis.
If you know you need high visibility workwear, and you know which items and class you need, you are ready to order. Determining when you need it by will help you narrow down your options. Rather than wasting time going to a store and searching through racks of clothing, shopping online will provide a quick and painless way to quickly get the high visibility work clothing that you need.  We offer a complete line of quality hi vis apparel.

How to choose a company.
Red Kap high visibility workwear is a trusted name, so look for a company that supplies Red Kap. Read reviews to determine if the company is trustworthy. Look for a company that has a fast order and shipping time. When you need workwear, you don’t want to have to wait too long for your garments to arrive. Despite everyone’s best efforts, mistakes do happen. Whether you ordered the wrong size, or the item is backordered, sometimes things don’t go as planned. Always look for a company with a proven track record of quickly correcting mistakes with the customer’s best interests in mind.

High visibility work clothing is a must in many different job industries.
If you are unsure if your job requires it, do a little research with the American National Standards Institute to find out. Always err on the side of safety. Any workers in areas with poor visibility should have high visibility workwear. Do your research and be aware of what items are needed, and how to obtain them from a trustworthy company. Finding high visibility work clothing for your safety on the job is important.