Housekeeping Uniforms

Hotel Housekeeping: What You Need

In a hotel housekeeping job, you need workwear that can stand up to your rigorous day, staying clean and professional looking, while working as hard as you do. Whether you wear tunics or smocks and work pants, or a dress, you need to be able to count on your uniform to make it through the day without wardrobe malfunctions, or getting in your way. If you are a hotel company, looking for housekeeping workwear, these are important tips to keep in mind, as well.

  • Ease of Movement. Housekeeping jobs require more movement than most people think. From scrubbing the tub, to lifting the mattress to make the bed, housekeepers have a very physically demanding job. Ease of movement in workwear is paramount to the success of the job. Look for tunics, smocks, or dresses, with relaxed shoulders. Some Red Kap housekeeping uniforms even have extra fabric built in to the arm area to allow for ease of movement and a greater range of motion.
  • Comfort. Spending an eight hour shift, cleaning up other people’s messes, means that housekeepers need comfortable workwear. With Red Kap, you can find workwear that maintains a professional appearance, while keeping the wearer comfortable. Look for breathable fabrics, like poplin. Blends of polyester and cotton are popular, and a good choice. You should feel comfortable bending, twisting, and lifting in your uniform, so look for uniforms that have little extras built in. Red Kap offers kick pleats on housekeeping dresses. If you are wearing a smock with pants, pants with a bit of stretch, or elastic waists, are always a good option to maintain comfort.
  • Professional Appearance. No matter which hotel chain you work for, professional appearance is a must. They say you should “dress for the job you want,” so whether it’s your dream to be a housekeeper, or you are looking to move up in the company, do your best to present your best side. Look for housekeeping uniforms that are tailored to fit well. Red Kap housekeeping dresses, and some tunics, offer princess seams detailing in the front and back to keep your appearance professional, while still allowing comfort and ease of movement. Lapels offer a business-like professional look, while non-lapel uniforms have a more modern appearance.
  • Practicality. Closures on your uniform are also important to consider. Double breasted closures and single breasted front button closures are both good choices for ease of getting ready for work. Look for a stain repellent finish on your housekeeping workwear for ease of laundering. Pockets are good to keep in mind, whether you are picking up extra pens you find laying around, or you receive a tips for your hard work.

Whether you are a housekeeper, or a hotel company, looking for new workwear options, check out the Red Kap hotel housekeeping offerings at Automotive Workwear. You can find housekeeping tunics, smocks, dresses, work shirts, and work pants. Red Kap promises workwear “done right,” providing durability and comfort at the lowest prices possible.