Red Kap Launches New Website Dedicated to Automotive

Automotive Workwear is excited about the launching of Red Kap’s new website, Featuring gritty but classy looking pages, with user-friendly tabs, this website will appeal to automotive technicians, gearheads, and pretty much anyone. Let’s take a quick look at the different features available from this hot new site.

  • Products. Of course, Red Kap lists their products on this website, making it easy for you to find the right crew shirts, coveralls, work pants, and jackets for your needs. With high quality photos of the actual garment, you can check out the wide variety of options available for automotive workwear. Red Kap lists their work shirts, pants, shorts, jeans, jackets, coverings, coveralls, and accessories on the left of the page for easy access.
  • Customs. In the Red Kap custom shop, consumers can rate their favorite automotive wear. From crew shirts, to motorsports, to classic auto work wear, you can check out what’s available from Red Kap, as well as opting to buy the item from a Red Kap distributor.
  • Buy Workwear. Red Kap has distributors all over the country, but it’s easiest to buy online. With no waiting in line, and excellent customer service when you need it, Automotive Workwear is one of the top Red Kap distributors. You can order your items, and have them shipped directly to you. Convenient, easy, and reliable, ordering online with Automotive Workwear is the way to go.
  • Our Story. Red Kap shares their story on their new website. With a long history of quality workwear, Red Kap stays true to their heritage. An American company, serving their community and country, Red Kap manufactures comfortable, durable workwear “done right.” What started out as a family business selling bib overalls, has become a nationwide provider of the best workwear for automotive technicians. Red Kap designs and makes their workwear with you in mind. They spend time in garages, from small two man setups, to huge company deals. Red Kap cares about making your job easier, and giving you workwear that you can rely on to get you through the job.
  • Gallery. The gallery is one of the coolest features of the new Red Kap website. Not only are there fun images from Red Kap, but there are videos of Red Kap work wear at work. Check out the Red Kap uniforms featured on PowerBlock TV.
  • Blog. The last tab on is the blog. The blog features semi-regular updates on Red Kap happenings, contests, and shop profiles. Check it out for a quick read on the little things that make Red Kap the best workwear provider for auto shops.

Besides being an eye-catching website, provides helpful information for any automotive technicians. Not only can you peruse the garments available, but you can also see why you should choose Red Kap work wear. With care and attention to detail, and careful attention to what you need to do your job, Red Kap has distinguished itself as the best workwear company to provide for your needs.