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Of Cook Shirts and Aprons: Outfitting the Kitchen

Automotive Workwear carries a wide variety of workwear for the restaurant industry, including back of the house and front of the house uniforms. We’ve written a number of blogs on outfitting your chefs with traditional, and not-so-traditional, pants and chef coats, but we haven’t looked in depth at some other much needed workwear garments in the kitchen: cook shirts and aprons.

We carry the Chef Designs brand, a manufacturer of excellent garments for kitchens. On our website you can view most of the options we offer, including our best selling aprons and cook shirts. We offer aprons in a variety of lengths: short, mid, and full. One of our best sellers is the bib apron in mid length. This particular apron measures 30 inches wide by 33 inches in height. The fabric is twill, a polyester/cotton blend, making it easy to clean and keep it looking professional. All our Chef Designs aprons are manufactured to hold up to industrial washings, making them a great choice for outfitting your back of the house and front of the house staff. This particular apron, order code 1430, does not feature a pocket. It is available in seven different colors, however: white, red, royal blue, navy blue, hunter green, dark red, and black. All the color options make it easy to find the perfect match for your kitchen needs. This apron is also available in a 12 pack, offering a reduced price for each apron. If you’re looking for an apron with a pocket, we have a couple other styles: a bib apron with a pencil pocket, and a short bib apron with pockets.

If you’re looking for cook shirts, look no further than the great Chef Designs options we have available. We have a variety of options, so let’s look at one of our best sellers. This cook shirt, order code 5020WH, is a unisex, standard snap front shirt in white. The poplin fabric is a polyester/combed cotton blend making it a great choice for breathability and comfort without sacrificing professional appearance. This cook shirt does not have buttons, rather it has a five snap closure. A left breast pocket is handy for pencils or a thermometer. This cook shirt features a square hem, allowing it to look professional worn tucked in or out. Like the great Chef Designs aprons, our cook shirts are made to stand up to industrial laundering. All Chef Designs cook shirts are made from durable fabrics, designed with soil release and ventilation for comfort and ease of care.

Our Chef Designs aprons and cook shirts are excellent, whether you are outfitting the front of the house staff, or back of the house. Whatever your uniform need, we can meet it. Check out our website to see more listings of great options, from aprons and cook shirts, to chef pants and chef coats. You can also call a customer service representative to discuss how we can meet your need. Automotive Workwear is proud to offer the very best customer service to help you find exactly the right workwear for you.