Baggy Chef Pants

How to Find the Best Chef Pants for You

Finding the right work pants or chef pants can be frustrating. Rather than doing the trial and error method, take the time to utilize these tips to help you buy the right pair of chef pants the first time around. There are a number of things to take into consideration before buying work pants. Keep reading for three things to consider before buying.


  1. How will they be used? Whether you are choosing to buy specific chef pants, or just everyday work pants, you need to think about how the pants will be worn and used. Do you spend ten hours a day in a hot kitchen? Your answer will affect your choice of chef pants in fabric and style. Are you working in a restaurant, but spending more time in the front of the house, than back of the house? You will want a pair of chef pants that is not only durable, but can maintain a professional appearance throughout a long day or night.
  2. What material are they made from? The material used for chef pants, or any work pants, needs to hold up to the job, being comfortable and durable. Chef Designs makes a variety of chef pants, including 100 percent cotton, 100 percent polyester, and a cotton/polyester blend. Twill chef pants are a common choice for maintaining a professional appearance, and they can be bought with a flat front and zippered fly. Traditional chef pants are the baggy, black and white check, with pockets. Red Kap makes the traditional checkered style, as well as the traditional style in plain black. The traditional checkered style was originally designed to distract the eye from any food stains. Depending on the kitchen you work in, you will want to determine which fabric will be the most durable for your job. All Chef Designs chef pants promise durability, and whether you choose twill, cotton, or polyester, you can count on a pair of pants that works as hard as you do.
  3. Are they comfortable? When you’re on your feet for over ten hours a day in a kitchen, comfortable chef pants are a must. While the fabric choice is important for durability, you also want to consider how it will feel on your skin for most of the day. Choose a breathable fabric, like the Chef Designs options, that will keep you cool and comfortable in a hot kitchen. Also, consider the fit of the pants. Traditionally, chef pants are baggy. Kitchens and restaurants have changed over the years, however, so you might need something that offers a little more style on the job. Chef Designs offers chef pants that have a comfortable fit while looking a little sleeker and slimmer, as well as traditional baggy chef pants.

When shopping for chef pants, remember to consider how you will use them, the material they are made from for durability and breathability, and whether or not they will be comfortable on the job. Check out the Chef Designs chef pants and work pants from to find the best fit for your needs.