Security Guard Shirts

Security Shirts
Have you ever wondered what makes a security shirt special? I mean, why choose a security shirt over the average work shirt when it seems that either would do. Interestingly enough, security shirts are preferred for security jobs for specific reasons. Whether you are working nighttime security at a parking garage, or just picking up a few hours working security for the local shopping mall, there are a few things to keep in mind about why specially designed security shirts are better than the average work shirt for the job. A badge tab, functional epaulets, and pockets with flaps, make the difference between a regular work shirt and a security shirt that help you do your job.

  • Badge Tab. As a security officer, whether law enforcement or privately hired, you need to be able to display your badge on your work wear. Your badge identifies you and gives you permission to be on the premises. A prominent badge display on your work shirt is preferred. Horace Small offers security shirts with a badge tab available on the left side. Buttonhole eyelets make for easy use.
  • Functional Epaulets. While epaulets have historically been used to signify ranking, you can now find functional epaulets on your security shirt. Why? The epaulets are easily fastened and unfastened to hold your radio, and anything else you might need to clip there for easy access. When you’re on the job, you need your hands free for security purposes, and having your radio at your shoulder is convenient and practical.
  • Center Pleat Pockets with Flaps. Pockets are great for storing necessary items on the job, and keeping things at the ready. Whether you need a pen, an extra key, or a small snack, the pockets on Horace Small security shirts allow you to be prepared. With a center pleat, the pocket expands to hold whatever you need. The hook and loop closure allows for security that you won’t lose whatever you put in the pocket.

Security jobs are some of the most important jobs in the nation. Whether you are a law enforcement official, or a night watchman, you need the best workwear that you can count on. Horace Small manufactures security guard shirts and workwear with convenience and practicality in mind. In today’s world, security jobs can be dangerous and demanding. Having your radio at the ready, attached to your epaulet, might mean the difference between life and death one day. Having pockets that hold necessities can make a difference in your rounds. Store extra batteries for your flashlight, or keep an extra key to your guard house at the ready in your center pleated pockets. Proper security workwear suggests  that you display your security badge prominently. Because your badge is an important part of your uniform, labeling you as someone who is authorized to be on the premises, it should be clearly seen on your work shirt. When you are choosing workwear, look for the best. Horace Small offers security workwear that not only looks professional, but it help you get the job done safely.