Workwear – Measuring for a Good Fit

November 2nd, 2012|Workwear|

Measuring for a Good Fit Made Easy
Measuring yourself to ensure that your workwear fits well is important to maintaining a professional appearance. Maintaining your professional appearance can be a stepping stone to new job opportunities with your company, and even raises. When measuring yourself for work wear, it’s best to enlist the help of a family member, friend, or tailor. It can be hard to properly reach the tape measure around yourself and get the correct measurement, so having help ensures that you will get correct measurements for your work pants, work shirts, coveralls, and/or jackets. Before you begin, you will need a tape measure, assistant, and a pencil and paper to take down your measurements.
Men’s Measurement Guidelines
Measuring for men’s Red Kap workwear consists of taking five measurements: neck, chest, sleeve, waist, and inseam as seen in our measuring chart.
1. Measuring for neck size. Have your assistant stand to the side, and measure lightly around your neck with the tape measure. The tape measure should not be tight, or overly loose. The number of inches shown is the proper neck size for work shirts.

2. Measuring for chest size. Your assistant should stand in front of you, and reach the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest, under your arms and around your shoulder blades. The number of inches shown will be your chest size. If your stomach is bigger than your chest size, you will want to use the larger number when ordering work shirts or jackets.

3. Measuring for sleeve length. With your assistant standing behind you, reach your arm out to the side, and then touch your nose. Your assistant should measure the length from the center back of your neck, out to your elbow, and then back up to your wrist. The number of inches shown is your sleeve length.

4. Measuring for waist size. Your assistant should stand in front, and wrap the tape measure around your natural waist, just above your hip bones. Measure over a shirt, but not over pants, to ensure a proper fit. The number of inches shown is your waist measurement for ordering work pants.

5. Measuring for inseam. Your inseam is the length of pants from crotch to hem. Stand with legs straight and slightly apart. You should hold the tape measure at the base of your crotch seam, and your assistant should measure down the inside of your leg to the top of your shoe. The number of inches shown is your inseam measurement for work pants and coveralls. […]