Work Pants that You Can Count On

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Work Pants that You Can Count On

With our collection of brands and styles, you are sure to find your new favorite work pants. From heavy duty Red Kap pants, to classic trousers, to chef pants, to flame resistant work pants, we can help you find the best pair of pants for your job. We carry a number of brands that create durable, comfortable clothing for many different jobs. Those brands include Red Kap, Bulwark, Horace Small, and Chef Designs. Keep reading for a look at some of our favorite work pants! Continue reading

What We Sell: The Best in Workwear

High Visibility Work Apparel

On our website you will find a wide variety of workwear items, including lab coats, flame resistant garments, coveralls, chef pants, and housekeeping uniforms. When you need quality workwear garments that are durable, practical, functional, and professional in appearance, we have exactly what you need. Drawing from some of the most trusted names in the business, we provide automotive, industrial, flame resistant, first responder, and other garments to you at affordable prices. Our brands include Red Kap, Bulwark, Chef Designs, Horace Small, and Wrangler. On our site, you will find categories on the left side of the screen, rather than brands. These categories are quick ways to guide you to exactly what you need. We know that the garments you need are more important than the branding. Continue reading

Big News on the Automotive Workwear Front!

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In case you haven’t noticed, we have a little bit of big news we are excited to share… Our new website has launched, and it’s beautiful!With easier than ever before access to all our best sellers and then some, the convenient layout and aesthetically pleasing appearance is sure to make your shopping experience that much more enjoyable. Continue reading

New in Flame Resistant: Bulwark iQ Series

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New in Flame Resistant: Bulwark iQ Series

What is the nature of your hazard? If you are in the oil and gas industry, electrical, or manufacturing, there’s a good chance you are familiar with that question. When customers call us looking for flame resistant workwear, that’s our first question. It’s important that you know the nature of your hazard, and the safety requirements you need to meet. Continue reading

Workwear that Works for You

Work Coveralls

Workwear that Works for You

No matter your job, what you wear to work should be comfortable, practical, and look professional. Thanks to all our really great brands, you can find awesome workwear that works for you! At Automotive Workwear, we are proud to carry leading brands in different industries. For the automotive industry, we offer Red Kap work apparel. Red Kap has been manufacturing garments for decades, and has really focused on being a leader in the automotive industry since the 1970s. For the oil and gas industry, as well as electricity, and other industries in danger of a flash fire, we offer Bulwark flame resistant workwear. Continue reading

Workwear for YOU

Red Kap Heavyweight Parka

Workwear for YOU

Whether you work on the racetrack, or serve food in a hotel restaurant, or work in the oil and gas industry, Automotive Workwear has the garments you need to see you through the average work day. What does your day look like? It looks like hard work, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding. The clothes you put on before work should look professional, be comfortable, and work just as hard as you do, lasting all day long. Read on for our options that just might be a good fit for you!

On the Racetrack

Our Red Kap line of clothing is by far and wide our bestselling brand. We are the nation’s largest distributor for the brand, and quite frankly, we love this brand ourselves! Quality and practicality are high on our list of “musts” for workwear, and Red Kap delivers on both accounts. They have a long history of creating workwear “done right,” and for the last thirty or so years have focused mainly on manufacturing garments specifically for workers in the automotive industry. If you’ve ever thought to yourself “I wish I had a pocket right about here for a tire gauge,” there’s a good chance that Red Kap has already considered your request, and made a shirt with exactly what you’re looking for. Take a little time to browse through our automotive section of the website, and see if you can find the workwear you need.

The Hospitality Industry

This one is for the servers, the hotel staff, the housekeepers, and the many, many jobs that are encompassed in the hospitality industry. This job can be a thankless one, but know that we appreciate you, and hope that wearing the right clothing can make your day a little bit brighter. Our housekeeping and server garments are manufactured by Red Kap, offering that great quality and practicality that we discussed above. Convenient garments that will hold up to dozens of washings, industrial strength washings, and on-the-spot cleanings, are definitely important. Check out all our options under the “Hotel Housekeeping” and “Chef & Restaurant” categories on our website.

The Jobs that Require FR

There are a surprising number of jobs that call for flame resistant (FR) garments. The oil and gas industry is just one the many, including electrical, manufacturing, and others. Despite our name, we do sell more than just automotive workwear. Bulwark is perhaps our next most popular brand, and it is all due to the quality of their flame resistant workwear garments. Whether you need coveralls, jeans, a FR henley, or even a hoodie–or maybe just a lab coat, our Bulwark options have got you covered. Check out all the great options we have on our website. Just be sure that you are fully aware of the nature of your hazard and the HRC level you need to meet before ordering.

We carry the best in quality and practicality, giving you stylish, comfortable workwear that meets your needs on the job. If you can’t find what you’re looking for on our website, call a customer service representative and we will be happy to help you find exactly what you need.