2511, 2014

Workwear for the Kitchen: Chef Coats

November 25th, 2014|Restaurant Apparel|

Workwear for the Kitchen: Chef Coats
Whether you are opening a new restaurant and need snazzy chef coats for your new staff, or you’re looking to outfit your current kitchen crew with new, durable workwear, Automotive Workwear has just what you need. Our chef apparel is manufactured by Red Kap, so you know these garments are comfortable, stylish, and just as hardworking as you. Keep reading to take a quick look at a few of our favorite workwear styles for the kitchen. […]

306, 2013

The Elements of a Good Chef Coat, and Choosing the Best Chef Designs Coat

June 3rd, 2013|Restaurant Apparel|

The Elements of a Good Chef Coat, and Choosing the Best Chef Designs Coat

What makes a good chef coat? The perfect design, built with a real chef in mind. The classic chef coat was actually designed for maximum protection and comfort for chefs. The double breasted closure ensures that at least two layers of fabric protect the chef’s torso at all times. Wide sleeves allow for freedom of motion and ease while handling a work station. The wide cuffs on a long or ¾ sleeve were also designed with ease of use in mind. Wide cuffs rolled down will protect the chef’s full arms from hot oil while using the deep fryer, or really working any other hot stations. When working other stations, the wide cuffs are easily rolled up to keep the chef cool. The perfect design must be paired with the right construction and structure.


711, 2012

What Makes a Good Chef Coat?

November 7th, 2012|Restaurant Apparel|

Selecting a Good Chef Coat
If you’re a chef, or in the restaurant business, you know how important good quality work wear is to your business. How do you choose good restaurant apparel? You need to know what is important for getting the job done and looking professional. Keep reading and learn about these four tips on what makes a good chef coat.

Whether you are sauteing, deep frying, or grilling, you need a chef coat that will keep you as cool as possible and comfortable. Chef Designs, the leader in restaurant apparel, makes chef coats from a variety of fabrics. The most common is twill, a blend of polyester and cotton. You can also choose 100% cotton, or 100% polyester. Most chef coats have the traditional stand up collar and vented cuffs, which allow for comfort without sacrificing professional style.

Ease of motion.
When you’re on your feet for ten hours a day cooking, you need a chef coat that will allow ease of motion. Getting in the weeds shouldn’t happen because your chef coat didn’t allow you to move freely enough to do all the things you needed to in a short amount of time. Chef Designs makes chef coats with generous armhole openings to ensure that you have enough room to juggle all the different tasks that are quickly thrown your way.