1807, 2013

Embroidery: Custom Logos

July 18th, 2013|Uncategorized, Workwear|

Embroidery: Custom Logo
Ordering custom embroidered workwear has never been quite so simple. Automotive workwear makes the process easy, and affordable. From custom logos, to names, custom embroidery on workwear fosters uniformity, branding, and excellent customer […]

2712, 2012

Is Custom Embroidery Right for You?

December 27th, 2012|Workwear|

Is Custom Embroidery Right for You?
If you are a business that supplies their employee’s uniforms, you may have already considered custom embroidery. Custom embroidery can easily be added to your workwear order, allowing you to put your company logo and/or employee names on each uniform. You might be asking yourself if custom embroidery is, first of all, a worthwhile expense, and secondly, how much does it actually cost? Keep reading to find the answers, and determine if custom embroidery is actually right for you.

1711, 2012

Advantages of Custom Embroidered Uniforms – Image is Everything

November 17th, 2012|Workwear|

Embroidered Uniforms – Your Company Image Is Everything
Custom embroidered uniforms can make a big difference in the appearance of your employees and company, especially in the eyes of customers. With increased customer confindence, you get more business, which yelds increased profits. By using custom embroidery services, you can promote branding of your company, as well as uniformity, professionalism, and identity of employees. With a variety of work clothing available–work pants, work shirts, coveralls, jackets, etc., the options for customizing your company’s uniforms are endless. Embroidery services are often available wherever you buy your Red Kap uniforms and workwear. Consider adding your company’s logo and the employee’s name to his or her work shirt or jacket as just one of the ways to promote your business. Let’s look at four of the advantages of custom embroidered uniforms and work clothes. […]