112, 2012

Red Kap: The Leading Brand in Workwear

December 1st, 2012|Workwear|

Red Kap: The Leading Brand in Workwear

When it comes to work wear, Red Kap is the expert. They have been making work apparel for America since 1923, with a long history of durable clothing “done right.” What started out as a simple family business of selling overalls has turned into one of the nation’s leading brands in workwear. What makes them such a great company? There are several reasons, keep reading and find out.

311, 2012

Removing Grease Stains from Workwear

November 3rd, 2012|Garment Care|

A How-to Guide on Removing Grease Stains from Workwear:
Removing grease stains from workwear is a common problem for many. Whether you are a chef or mechanic, grease stains happen. So what can you do to remove them? There are a couple different options, depending on your situation. The first, and most basic, is as follows.
1. Removing Stains Grease from Workwear with Presoak
If the grease stain has already been sitting for some time, this is going to be your best option. If you’re a mechanic with Red Kap uniforms, this is for you. Blot the grease stain with a paper towel, being careful not to rub the grease stain into your work pants, work shirts, or coveralls.Keep blotting until no more grease comes out of your workwear. At that point, you will want to use a stain remover item such as Resolve, or Spray ‘n’ Wash. Work the stain remover into the fabric with a brush, and then soak the workwear items for a couple hours before washing. After the presoak, you can wash your work pants, work shirts, and coveralls, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Do not place workwear items in the dryer when treating grease stains! Allow uniforms to air dry, and then check the grease stains. Repeat the process as needed. If uniforms with grease stains go through the dryer, the heat will set the stains, making them impossible to remove. […]