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On our website you will find a wide variety of workwear items, including lab coats, flame resistant garments, coveralls, chef pants, and housekeeping uniforms. When you need quality workwear garments that are durable, practical, functional, and professional in appearance, we have exactly what you need. Drawing from some of the most trusted names in the business, we provide automotive, industrial, flame resistant, first responder, and other garments to you at affordable prices. Our brands include Red Kap, Bulwark, Chef Designs, Horace Small, and Wrangler. On our site, you will find categories on the left side of the screen, rather than brands. These categories are quick ways to guide you to exactly what you need. We know that the garments you need are more important than the branding. Continue reading

What Are Your Workwear Needs? Try Red Kap!

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What Are Your Workwear Needs? Try Red Kap!

When it comes to finding the right workwear for yourself, or your company, or crew, it’s important to know your needs. If you’re looking to outfit your crew, off the top of your head you might say, “oh, I just need technician shirts that look good.” However, a little more thought can ensure that your crew is comfortable, the garments have a long life, and your business is looking better than ever. Taking the time to shop around a little online will ensure that you are getting the best prices, and choosing quality garments will the success of the workwear. So, what are you workwear needs? Let’s look at a few things to consider, and how some examples can meet those needs.

A professional appearance. Often a company just really needs to strengthen their branding and image by presenting a unified, professional appearance. By offering technician shirts and work pants to their employees, companies are building a trustworthy image to their customers. Our Red Kap technician shirts, and shop pants, are a great start to building a professional appearance. The technician shirt is basic and functional, with a straight hem to ensure it’s professional appearance whether tucked in or not, but you can choose to add custom striping and/or embroidery to each garment. Our new Red Kap shop pant pairs well with the technician shirts, creating a classic uniform.

Comfortable workwear. You may be building a professional image, but your workers need to be comfortable to perform their jobs well. Our Red Kap garments have a list of features that will ensure the comfort of the wearer. The new shop pant features a gusset, allowing a wider range of mobility on the job. Most of the Red Kap garments are made from sturdy, durable cotton/polyester blend fabrics. The cotton allows the garment to be breathable and soft, while the polyester keeps the garment durable and wrinkle resistant through industrial washings.

Functional pieces. Everybody needs a wardrobe that is functional. Luckily, our Red Kap options are functional to the max, offering exactly what you need on the job. Straight hemmed shirts for a cleaner look, pockets in the handiest places, including ruler pockets on pant legs and pencil stalls on shirts, and closures that are easy to use and durable. Their coveralls are sized to be worn over clothing, or as clothing, depending on your needs. Red Kap likes to stay just one step ahead, so they are always looking for ways that their garments can make your job easier.

If you’re in the market for workwear, be sure to think through what you really need. Check out the wide variety of options we have available online, and if you’re having a problem finding what you need, don’t hesitate to call our customer service. One of our representatives will be happy to help you, and can most likely find just what you need. Remember, before ordering, stop to consider your workwear needs, and you can be sure to wind up with the best workwear for you.


Your Favorite Work Pants: Red Kap Shop Pant

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Your Favorite Work Pants: Red Kap Shop Pant

The Red Kap shop pant is about to become your favorite pair of work pants. Seriously. This workwear necessity will revolutionize the way you do your job. While all our Red Kap pants are great, and maybe another pair is already your favorite, this pair is really standing out. There are a number of features that make this garment so fantastic, so let’s break it down so you can see what you’ll be getting. Continue reading

What Do You Need for Workwear?

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What Do You Need for Workwear?

Do you really know what you need for workwear? There are a few questions you can ask yourself to ensure that you are really getting exactly what you need. It’s important to also remember that there are quite a few options for getting what you need. At Automotive Workwear we carry a wide variety of options that cater to many, many job categories. From flame resistant, secondary fire protection, to the hospitality industry, to the automotive industry, we have a lot to offer. First, let’s look at a couple questions you can ask yourself to find out if you really know what you need. Continue reading

Workwear “Done Right” for You


Workwear “Done Right” for You

Have you ever wanted garments designed specifically for you? Well, that’s just what Red Kap does–for the working person who needs quality and affordability. Red Kap designs workwear that is geared towards the automotive industry, although their garments are often used in a variety of industries, and some of their garments are designed for other uses (such as their medical lab coats). Continue reading

Red Kap: Cool Facts You Might Not Know

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Red Kap: Cool Facts You Didn’t Know

As the nation’s leading distributor for Red Kap workwear, we obviously love this brand’s products. We love their company history, their durable garments, the detailed features, and all the thought that goes into creating garments specifically for the automotive industry. But, as we think of all the things we love about this company, we realized that there might be quite a few things about them that you don’t know. So, with that in mind, read on to learn some cool facts about Red Kap that you probably didn’t know….

  1. Red Kap has been in business since the 1920s. They started as a small family business, selling overalls. Over time, the business grew, becoming a little more focused, until they began to focus almost all their energy on researching and creating top of the line products for the automotive industry.

  2. This company spends a lot of time in garages. Seriously. They are not just creating garments, hoping you need them; no, Red Kap is going on the racetrack, into the garage, and finding out what mechanics, gearheads, and crews really need on the job. That includes pocket placements, fabric choices, and comfortable fits.

  3. Almost all Red Kap products are designed to hold up to industrial washings. While we know many people who love to buy our products for personal use, these garments are actually designed to also be used by companies outfitting large crews. So they are making practical garments, loved by the average joe, and the large companies that outfit 50 plus employees.

  4. Red Kap is ahead of the competition. We know, you probably think we’re just saying that, but it’s true. Not only are their garments the same or better quality than the competition, but we offer the most affordable pricing. This brand is truly looking to provide workers with quality garments that will help them get the job done right. They know that charging exorbitant fees for workwear isn’t helping you, so their garments are priced just right for you to get exactly what you need.

  5. Red Kap has everything you could need. Really, they do. You need a new work shirt? Got it right here. Need some new work pants? Here you go. Oh, you really just need a lab coat? Got it covered. For real, this brand has the options you need. Belts, caps, jackets, shirts, pants, coveralls, you need it, we have it. You can find all the amazing options on our website.

Red Kap is truly a great company, that really cares about providing customer satisfaction, and helping you get the job “done right.” You can find exactly what you need on our website, including reviews of our best selling items. If you need a hand navigating the site, or just want to talk to someone while placing your order, give our customer service a call. We are always happy to help our customers get exactly what they need. We are proud to sell Red Kap workwear, and we just know that you’ll love it!