Everything You Need for High Visibility Workwear

High Visibility Work Apparel

Everything You Need for High Visibility Workwear

High visibility workwear is needed for a variety of jobs. We offer many options for high visibility, enhanced visibility, and reflective work shirts, and more. We also have ANSI compliant high visibility work apparel. If you are working in a high traffic area with low visibility conditions, you are probably in need of hi-vis gear. Depending on the amount of traffic and speed limits where you are working, there are different requirements for the level of high visibility workwear you need to wear. Be sure to check with your safety manager or do your research before ordering. Let’s take a quick look at a few of our favorite options in this category. Continue reading

The Work Shirt You’ll Love

Bulwark Flame Resistant Clothing

The Work Shirt You’ll Love

Finding a work shirt you can love, one that is sturdy, comfortable, and really holds up to the job, doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, it’s a pretty easy process with the help of our website! Our work shirts are easily found by searching order codes, or checking the category of “shirts,” or even looking by a more specific category like “flame resistant,” or “high visibility.” Not only is it easy to find a work shirt, but you can count on loving it because each of our brands are known for quality and affordability, designed with the worker in mind. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites, and see if anything stands out to you. Continue reading

Our Favorite Men’s Work Shirt

Our Favorite Men’s Work Shirt

SP24 Men's Work Shirt

SP24 work shirt

Our most popular men’s work shirt is now available for a lower price than ever before! Looking for a shirt that will look professional, stand up to many launderings, and help you get the job done? Look no further than the SP24, our best selling classic. With breathable, durable fabric and a traditional button-down closure, this shirt is sure to please. Keep reading for more indepth details. Continue reading

3 Best Sellers: Coveralls, Work Shirt, and Jacket

Work Coveralls

3 Best Sellers: Coveralls, Work Shirt, and Jacket

Today we are looking at three of our best selling items. Need a new pair of coveralls? Be sure to check out this amazing snap front pair from Red Kap. Looking for a new work shirt that is eye-catching and practical? Look no further than this motorsports short sleeve number. Lastly, we’ll look at our best selling nylon crew jacket–trust us, it’s a favorite for a reason. Let’s get started! Continue reading

Introducing A New Shop Shirt

shop shirt

Introducing A New Shop Shirt: The All New Tri-Color Short Sleeve Shop Shirt

We sell a lot of shirts at Automotive Workwear, including this amazing new shop shirt. From industrial garment classics, to technician shirts, to FR henleys, and security detail shirts, we have a big interest in the shirt business. Our interest in workwear apparel makes us really happy when we get to introduce new items, like this short sleeve shop shirt from Red Kap! Continue reading

Red Kap: Cool Facts You Might Not Know

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Red Kap: Cool Facts You Didn’t Know

As the nation’s leading distributor for Red Kap workwear, we obviously love this brand’s products. We love their company history, their durable garments, the detailed features, and all the thought that goes into creating garments specifically for the automotive industry. But, as we think of all the things we love about this company, we realized that there might be quite a few things about them that you don’t know. So, with that in mind, read on to learn some cool facts about Red Kap that you probably didn’t know….

  1. Red Kap has been in business since the 1920s. They started as a small family business, selling overalls. Over time, the business grew, becoming a little more focused, until they began to focus almost all their energy on researching and creating top of the line products for the automotive industry.

  2. This company spends a lot of time in garages. Seriously. They are not just creating garments, hoping you need them; no, Red Kap is going on the racetrack, into the garage, and finding out what mechanics, gearheads, and crews really need on the job. That includes pocket placements, fabric choices, and comfortable fits.

  3. Almost all Red Kap products are designed to hold up to industrial washings. While we know many people who love to buy our products for personal use, these garments are actually designed to also be used by companies outfitting large crews. So they are making practical garments, loved by the average joe, and the large companies that outfit 50 plus employees.

  4. Red Kap is ahead of the competition. We know, you probably think we’re just saying that, but it’s true. Not only are their garments the same or better quality than the competition, but we offer the most affordable pricing. This brand is truly looking to provide workers with quality garments that will help them get the job done right. They know that charging exorbitant fees for workwear isn’t helping you, so their garments are priced just right for you to get exactly what you need.

  5. Red Kap has everything you could need. Really, they do. You need a new work shirt? Got it right here. Need some new work pants? Here you go. Oh, you really just need a lab coat? Got it covered. For real, this brand has the options you need. Belts, caps, jackets, shirts, pants, coveralls, you need it, we have it. You can find all the amazing options on our website.

Red Kap is truly a great company, that really cares about providing customer satisfaction, and helping you get the job “done right.” You can find exactly what you need on our website, including reviews of our best selling items. If you need a hand navigating the site, or just want to talk to someone while placing your order, give our customer service a call. We are always happy to help our customers get exactly what they need. We are proud to sell Red Kap workwear, and we just know that you’ll love it!