Embroidery: Custom Logo

Ordering custom embroidered workwear has never been quite so simple. Automotive workwear makes the process easy, and affordable. From custom logos, to names, custom embroidery on workwear fosters uniformity, branding, and excellent customer service. Keep reading for more information on the process of ordering custom logos for your company’s workwear.

  1. Send Your Logo. The first step to ordering your company’s logo embroidered on workwear is to email the company logo. Convert your logo to a JPG file, and email it to customlogo@automotiveworkwear.com. Automotive Workwear will also accept GIF, PSD, PDF, BMP, EPS, and TIFF, but prefers to work with JPG file format. You should include the desired dimensions of your logo in the email. Average size logos are 2.75” by 3.5”, although Automotive Workwear will embroider the logo as large as 4.5” x 4.5”. After emailing the logo, call a customer service representative at 800-589-1084 to help walk you through the process.
  2. Payment. There is a one time fee of $79 to digitize your logo so that it can be custom embroidered onto your Red Kap work wear. Your emailed file will have to be turned into a special sewing machine file before it can be embroidered. After your logo is successfully digitized, Automotive Workwear will run a sew-off sample, and send it to you for approval.
  3. Approve the Sew-Off Sample. Approximately one week after sending your logo via email, you should receive the sew-off sample. You will need to approve it. Once the logo has been approved, there can be no changes made to the sewing machine file, and it will be stored for future use whenever you order workwear.
  4. Run Off Charges. At this point, you have a custom embroidered logo that can be used on any piece of work wear that you desire–work shirts, jackets, coveralls, etc. A run off charge will be charged with the item of work wear when you order it. For example, if you order a jacket, include the run off price of $6.95 with the price of the jacket for your total. Depending on the number of items ordered, the run off charge will vary. There is lower run off pricing for higher volume ordered.
  5. Start Ordering. Now that you have your custom embroidered logo, and you know how run off charges work, you can start ordering the workwear that you need. Whether you need Red Kap work shirts, jackets, or coveralls, you can order them with your company’s logo to promote uniformity among employees, and branding in your community.

If you are looking for work wear for your company that will stand out, look no further than custom embroidered logos on Red Kap apparel. Adding your logo, or an employee name, to your uniforms is a sure way to keep your company’s employees looking professional and promoting your company name. Email your company logo to Automotive Workwear today to get started with making a custom embroidered logo for your work wear.