AW- Red Kap Shirt

A Crew Shirt Fit for the Whole Crew

Whether you are in the market for new work shirts for your crew, or new crew shirts just popped into your mind, you will want to give this one a second glance. Crew shirts need to be professional looking, practical in how they are worn, and represent your business in colors and embroidery. The SY10 is a crew shirt that you can count on to outfit your whole crew. Red Kap is a leading brand in automotive workwear, outfitting American shops and garages since the 1920s. With this shirt, and its six fantastic features, your crew can look as good as the work they do.

Fabric. This work shirt is made from a ripstop fabric, designed to keep you cool and comfortable. It wicks away moisture, and retains its color–even in industrial launderings. The soil release finish helps to keep this shirt looking sharp all the time.
Pockets. Pockets are necessary for any practical work shirt. This crew shirt features hex style chest pockets, which reduce lint and dirt collection around the pocket corners. The button through pockets hold things in place, so you don’t have to worry about tools and lugnuts falling out. The storage utility pocket features a double pencil stall, convenient for holding pencils, a tire gauge, whatever you need on hand.
Placket. The front placket is designed to keep any paint job protected, covering the buttons with a smooth placket of fabric. This is one of the most practical features of a crew shirt. Functionality and professional, all in one great looking package.
Design. The color block design of this work shirt not only looks neat, but it also helps to hide stains–a mark from the toughest jobs. You can choose color blocking in the colors that represent your business, and not worry about the worst grease stains showing up to distract your customers.
Hem. The straight hem is another practical feature, allowing your crew to wear their shirts tucked in or out, and still maintain a professional appearance. No matter the job, a professional appearance is important.
Collar. The collar helps to maintain that professional look with sewn in stays. No matter how long the day, how tough the jobs, the collar on this work shirt will still stand up and look great.

If you’re looking for a crew shirt that will work as hard as your crew, and maintain the most professional of appearances, check out the SY10. A favorite from Red Kap, you can order online through Automotive Workwear, or call a customer service representative to order your crew shirts and any other items you might need. Each of the features on this shirt are specifically designed with a real automotive business in mind. From practical and functional pockets and button plackets, to professional appearance with hemlines and collars, this crew shirt delivers exactly what you need for a practical price. For the best in automotive workwear, choose Red Kap work shirts–workwear “done right.”