work wear measurments

A Guide to Measuring Correctly and Ordering the Right Size for Work Wear

Have you noticed that clothing sizes vary, depending on the brand? It can be frustrating to order your normal size, only to discover that it is too big, or too tight. Knowing how to properly measure yourself to order the right size can make a difference in ensuring a smooth shopping experience for work wear.
Measuring properly for work wear is best done with a helper. Ask a friend to hold the tape and read the measurements to ensure that you get the right size. For men, you will want to measure your neck, chest, sleeve, waist, and inseam. Women will want to measure bust, waist, seat, and inseam. To measure, have a tape measure, friend, pen and paper.

  • Men: start with measuring your neck. Have a friend stand to your side and measure around your neck. Note the number of inches, and that is your neck size. Next, have your friend measure around your chest, under your arms, and around your shoulder blades. The number of inches shown is your chest size. To measure your proper sleeve length, stand with your arm straight out and bend it in to touch your nose. Your friend should measure from the middle of the back of your neck, out to the elbow, and back to your wrist. The number of inches on the tape measure is the right sleeve length. The measurements for your neck, chest, and sleeve length, will help you order the right shirts in work wear. Pull the tape measure around your natural waist, just above the hip bones, to get the right waist measurement. Lastly, you will want to measure your inseam. Hold the end of the tape measure at the base of your crotch seam, and have your friend measure down to the top of your shoe. Make notes of all your measurements as you go, and you will be ready for some easy online shopping for work wear.
  • Women: start with measuring your bust. Have your friend hold one end of the tape measure below your arm, and measure around your shoulder blades, under your other arm, and around the fullest part of your bust. The number of inches shown will be your proper measurement. Be sure to keep your arms as close to your side as possible, since raising them can affect your size measurement. Next, measure around your natural waist. Make a note of the inches. To measure your hips, measure around the fullest part of your seat. If you cannot move the tape measure either up or down, you are measuring in the wrong spot. To measure your inseam, hold one end of the tape measure at the base of your crotch seam, and your friend can measure down to the top of your shoe. With measurements in hand, you can begin shopping for work wear and ordering the right size for you.

Measuring yourself is fairly simple and painless, and it can save you a lot of time and money buying the wrong sizes. Get with a friend and measure yourself today. With your new found knowledge, you can start ordering work wear, including pants, work shirts, jackets, and more.