Red Kap Mechanics Crew Shirt

A Work Shirt Designed for You

Whether you’re looking for work shirts, work pants, coveralls, or jackets, Red Kap manufactures high quality workwear that is a step above the competition. When you need a work shirt, you need a work shirt that is designed with you, and your job, in mind. Don’t settle for an average, run of the mill, shirt when Red Kap provides excellent work shirts at low prices. How is their work shirt so great, and how is it designed for you? Let’s look at one of the best selling at Automotive Workwear, found under the code SP24–the long sleeve version of this shirt can be ordered under the code SP14.

This work shirt is available in short sleeve or long sleeve, so you can choose the design that works best for you and your job. It is constructed from a soft poplin fabric, with TouchTex II technology. This TouchTex II technology keeps stains from sinking into the fabric, meaning that you can launder your own workwear, keeping a professional appearance while maintaining comfort and convenience. Red Kap makes their shirts with the consumer in mind. If you are an automotive technician, a shirt that constantly comes untucked can look sloppy. Red Kap designed their work shirt with a straight hem, allowing you to maintain a professional appearance whether your shirt is tucked, or untucked. Pockets, with button closures, are placed on the chest making them easy to access when you need to. Conveniently, Red Kap offers this shirt in a wide variety of colors, so you can choose the color that works best for your job.

There are other work shirt options on the market. What makes a Red Kap work shirt better than them? Red Kap has a commitment to quality workwear, “done right.” This work shirt doesn’t sacrifice quality, comfort or durability, and it still is offered at a better price than competitor brands. Other work shirts sell for at least 50 percent more than Automotive Workwear’s Red Kap listing. Red Kap manufactures their workwear from fabrics made in America, and has a long history of supporting the community and country. This particular work shirt is designed to offer comfort and durability, while giving you the professional image that makes you one of the best.

When it comes to work wear, you can count on Red Kap work wear to be “done right.” With the most durable fabrics, stain resistant technology, comfort and convenience, these work shirts are something to write home about. At Automotive Workwear, you can not only order your Red Kap work wear, but you can have them custom embroidered with your company logo and employee name. Red Kap’s straight hemmed work shirt, embroidered with your company logo, gives a professional look and offers uniformity in your company. Call Automotive Workwear, or go online at, and find out which Red Kap work shirt will best fit your needs. Talk to a customer representative about adding custom embroidery to your order. Red Kap provides the best work wear for the job.