Red Kap, Bulwark, & Chef Designs Brands

All About: Red Kap, Chef Designs, & Bulwark

As the leading distributor for Red Kap, Chef Designs, and Bulwark, provides the best workwear for hard working Americans. Since 1997, Automotive Workwear has been supplying the nation with the best workwear available for the best prices. Red Kap, Chef Designs, and Bulwark manufacture top quality clothing for specialized jobs. Not familiar with one, or more, of these brands? Keep reading for a quick look at these particular brands, and why Automotive Workwear recommends them.

Red Kap

Begun as a small business selling bib overalls back in 1923, Red Kap has slowly become one of the most sought after workwear brands in the United States. Red Kap may have expanded their workwear offerings in the last 90 years, but they still have the same commitment to providing quality workwear “done right.” Red Kap works hard to design clothing with the worker in mind. They spend time in garages, and elsewhere, to stay just one step ahead and determine what workers need to make their jobs easier. With attention to detail, stain resistant technology, and a wide variety of work pants, work shirts, jackets, coveralls, and more, Red Kap has proven itself to be one of the leading workwear brands in America. Along with providing durability, comfort, and quality, Red Kap also has the best prices, consistently offering lower prices than other leading workwear brands. If you’re looking for automotive workwear, housekeeping uniforms, lab coats, and more, check out the Red Kap offerings on Automotive Workwear.

Chef Designs
Chef Designs offers the best in chef and restaurant uniforms. They have a variety of chef jackets, from traditional double breasted coats, to a more modern tunic style. Traditional checkered pants were designed to distract the eye from any stains, making them a good choice for a kitchen. Chef Designs offers checkered pants, as well as plain black. They have the loose, baggy fit, as well as slightly more tailored fit with a zipper and button closure. Chef Designs provides quality kitchen workwear, including chef coats and pants, aprons, and some front of the house workwear.

Bulwark makes flame resistant protective apparel. Whether you work in electric utility, petroleum, petro chemical, or chemical industries, you can count on Bulwark to provide you with protective clothing. Wearing the proper protection on the job can mean the difference between minor burns and severe, life threatening burns. Bulwark FR workwear makes quality apparel, known throughout the world, that you can count on to keep you protected from your work environment. Check out the Bulwark FR offerings from Automotive Workwear.

When you need workwear, you can trust Automotive Workwear to provide the best, quality workwear for your needs. Red Kap is perhaps best known for their automotive apparel, but they also have excellent workwear for housekeeping and maintenance workers, as well as lab coats. Chef Designs is the brand you can trust in the restaurant business. You can find chef coats, pants, aprons and more. Quality apparel with flame resistant technology makes Bulwark your best option for protective clothing on the job. Check for your uniform needs.