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Automotive Workwear: What Do We Sell?

What comes to mind when you hear the words “automotive workwear?” If you immediately pictured a racing team, pit crew, or the technicians who work on your car, you are picturing a huge part of our customer base. However, here at Automotive Workwear, we sell much more than coveralls and automotive uniforms. While we pride ourselves on being the nation’s largest distributor of Red Kap, and providing the best automotive uniforms at the lowest prices, we are also proud of the many other brands we carry that meet the needs of chefs, housekeepers, electricians, and so many other positions across the country.

Red Kap

We are most known for our Red Kap garments. Red Kap is a trusted brand, selling and manufacturing workwear since the 1920s. Their motto is “workwear done right,” and we stand behind the quality of their garments and the fair pricing. They are a leading brand in the automotive industry, making the many coveralls and technician shirts that we sell. However, Red Kap is not limited to automotive workwear, and also makes a few other garments that are meeting the needs of other industries. We offer a number of housekeeping garments that are manufactured by Red Kap, and you can expect the same quality and affordability in these garments. We also have high visibility garments manufactured by Red Kap. These garments are helping to keep traffic workers safe, as well as workers in other jobs with low lighting.


Our Bulwark garments provide the best secondary protection against electrical arcs and flash fires. We call it secondary protection, since primary protection against fire is the uniform that a firefighter would wear. We sell flame resistant apparel that is functional, comfortable, and practical, but will also make the difference between minor injuries and life threatening burns. Each Bulwark flame resistant garment will retain it’s flame resistance for the life of the garment when taken care of properly. We sell everything from coveralls, to hoodies, to jeans, and more. If you need flame resistant apparel, we can take care of it.

Chef Designs

Chef Designs is another popular brands that we sell, providing quality, affordable chef coats and pants to kitchens around the nation. We have classic coats and traditional checkered pants, alongside chic black coats and more slim fitting black pants. Aprons and hats are in our inventory as well. Whatever your kitchen need, our Chef Designs garments can help you.

While you may not see everything we have available on the website, although you will see a huge portion of it, you can always call a customer service representative with a specific request to find out if we can get it. Whether you need some simple denim overalls, or a high class server uniform, we can meet your need. We also offer custom embroidery on any of our garments, from our automotive workwear to our flame resistant coveralls. Check out our website, and if you don’t see exactly what you want, call a customer service representative, or sales, to find out just what we can do for you.