Uniforms for the Kitchen

A Behind the Scenes Look at Chef Uniforms

The business of being a chef is one of the oldest careers in the world. Chef uniforms, the traditional checkered pants and white jacket, are more recent, having been introduced in the last several hundred years. Today, you will find chef pants that vary from checkered, to plain black, to striped, to fun fabrics with hot peppers all over them, and chef jackets with more style and variety than ever before. Let’s take a look at why the traditional chef uniform has worked so well, and what is available for you now.

Chef uniforms have a long and respected history. The checkered pants were originally chosen because the small houndstooth print camouflages food spills and stains, allowing the wearer to remain professional looking on the job. The double breasted chef coat was chosen for two reasons. The double layer of fabric is added protection against hot liquids and the like, and if the front of the jacket becomes stained, it is easily tucked behind the other side. The long sleeves with a wide cuff allows for protection against hot surfaces, but can be easily rolled up for prep work. The traditional chef hat, the toque, is not so often seen these days, but it is usually paper when it is used. The paper toque allows for easy clean up if it comes in contact with food.

We offer a wide variety of Chef Designs uniforms for your needs. From short sleeve, to long sleeve, you will find chef jackets in various styles and colors. Our chef pants are available in traditional baggy, checkered styles, as well as a more tailored fit in other colors. Black chef pants are generally more popular with executive chefs. We offer a variety of chef pants, depending on the look you want for your restaurant. The baggy chef pant is generally cooler, and more forgiving to wear on the job. Our chef coats are available in short, ¾, and long sleeve. You might choose the short sleeve for your prep cooks, and the long sleeve for your hot station cooks. The ¾ length sleeve is popular for its versatility. While the fabric knots are traditional closures on a double breasted chef coat, you can also find button closures of eight or ten. We have jackets available in white and black, depending on the look you want your kitchen to have. While the white jacket is traditional, black has become chic and popular, and it hides food stains well. Take a look at what we offer for for chef uniforms on our website. You will be able to browse the various Chef Designs chef coats and chef pants, and see our best sellers. With unbeatable prices, and uncompromising quality, Chef Designs uniforms offer tradition and respect, with updated elements. Some of the updated elements include sleeve lengths, vented sides, wider arm openings for ease of movement, and a variety of button closures.

Although this blog post focused on chef uniforms, we sell uniforms that can be used throughout your restaurant. You can outfit your back of the house staff, as well as front of the house staff, through our website, or by calling a customer service representative.