Choosing industrial Coveralls

Best Fabrics for Workwear Garments

While what you wear to work may seem a little insignificant next to getting the job done, your workwear actually plays a big role in how well you do your job. If your clothing is too tight or uncomfortable, causing you to sweat or maybe not warm enough, these factors can affect your job performance. Wearing the wrong workwear on the job can cause you to do your job poorly. One of the main concerns when it comes to workwear garments is the fabric. There are many different fabrics out there, and knowing which ones you want, and why, will help you make better informed choices about the workwear you need. Keep reading for a quick look at a few fabric options for some of our garments.


Polyester is a common material used in garments. Most often, you will see polyester mixed with cotton. The great thing about polyester is it’s durability. As a man-made material, it is stronger and designed to have wrinkle- resistant properties and better color retention. When you see a cotton/polyester blend, you can count on the garment to be durable and wrinkle-resistant. Both are qualities that will make your life easier on the job–you shouldn’t have to think about ironing your uniform, or whether it will hold up to job stresses.


Cotton is a favorite fabric for some great reasons. It is soft, comfortable, breathable, and looks good. In Red Kap products, you will find some 100 percent cotton garments, like jeans, as well as cotton/polyester blends. Cotton is a good choice on the job if you have an active job that requires comfortable clothing that breathes and moves with you. The polyester/cotton blend is a good idea since it combines the durability of polyester with the softness and breathability of cotton.

Flame Resistant

Within the category of flame resistant, there are many different fabrics. However, this fabric is listed because many workers know that they need flame resistant garments, but are unsure what to look for in workwear. Searching our flame resistant workwear will bring up a wide variety of options, including treated and inherent FR garments. Treated fabrics are cotton fibers, treated to become flame resistant. With Bulwark’s garments, you can count on the fabric to be flame resistant for the life of the garment. Inherently flame resistant fabrics include Nomex IIIA and Cool Touch 2. These fabrics are manmade, and have different properties that make them good choices for different reasons. Ultimately, if you need flame resistant workwear, it is vital that you talk to your safety manager or employer to understand the nature of your hazard and what requirements your workwear garments need to meet. After you have an understanding of the Hazard Risk Category Level you will need, you will be able to search our flame resistant garments and fabrics to find exactly what you need.

There are many different fabrics for workwear garments, but polyester, cotton, and flame resistant are some of the most commonly needed. If you want to see garments made from these fabrics, check out our website to see the many different styles and order just what you need.