AW- Red Kap Shirt

The Best of Both Worlds: Quality and Affordability for Workwear

It seems that so often in the world, we have to choose between quality and affordablity. Whether you are buying clothing, a new car, housing, or even something as simple as food, you cannot have great quality at an affordable price. You have to make a choice. At Automotive Workwear, we recognize that quality workwear doesn’t always have to come at a high price. We sell our brands for the most affordable rates around the country. Why? Because it’s important that we provide you with the workwear you need, the workwear that will keep you safe on the job, and that you are able to afford it.

Red Kap is a leader in the automotive industry, creating workwear that is used across the nation by garage mechanics, race car drivers, and gearheads. Their motto is workwear “done right,” and we agree that their work pants, coveralls, shirts, jackets, and more, are the best in the industry. Each garment is designed with the wearer in mind. Need a handy pocket for your tire gauge? Red Kap is thinking ahead and providing a pocket in the exact location you need. The fabric choices will keep you comfortable on the job, and give you easy care instructions. Wrinkle-resistant fabrics, ripstop weaving, and 100 percent cotton are just some of the great choices for Red Kap garments.

Bulwark is a leader in flame resistant technology, providing the safest and most effective FR garments for secondary protection. If you are in the fields of oil and gas, electricity, or manufacturing, this the brand that you will want to check out. Flame resistant garments do tend to be pricier due to how each garment is made, but we still offer highly competitive prices for quality garments. When choosing FR for your employees, or yourself, it is absolutely imperative that you understand how the technology works. Whether you buy from us or not, we still recommend that you view some of Bulwark’s materials to gain a better understanding of the requirements and codes you will need to meet, as well as how to best protect your employees on the job. Bulwark FR garments are designed to offer maximum protection and ease of use on the job. From 100 percent treated cotton FR jeans, to Nomex coveralls, Bulwark has the garments you need for protection against arc flashes and other job hazards.

Red Kap and Bulwark are just two of the brands that we carry at Automotive Workwear. We also sell Horace Small, Chef Designs, and Wrangler. Each brand offers quality garments, and we sell them at affordable prices so you don’t have to choose between quality and affordability. Check out our website to see the many great options we have, and you can place your order directly through our site. You can also call our customer service representatives to place your order, and get any questions you might have answered.  Remember, at Automotive Workwear, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. You can have the best, and safest, of both worlds.