Flame Resistant Fabrics

Bulwark Flame Resistant Uniforms: What We Offer

Bulwark prides itself on offering the very best flame resistant (FR) uniforms for your protection. Preparing for an accident, being ready for the worst and hoping for the best, is what you can expect from Bulwark garment. They have a “farm-to-factory” mentality, in that they pay close attention to each detail of how their garments are manufactured, from the fabric, to the kind of protection it offers, to government lab testing to ensure it meets all requirements, to guaranteeing a quality garment that you can trust to protect you in the event of an accident. Workers who choose Bulwark rest a little easier at night. Automotive Workwear is proud to sell Bulwark flame resistant uniforms, and you can find out a little bit more about what we offer below.

Flame Resistant Fabrics. Excel FR is 100% cotton, treated to become flame resistant and offering superb protection as well as comfort on the job. This fabric is ideal for just about any industry, including electrical utilities, foundries, flame cutting and welding, and many others. Excel FR is the softest, most comfortable, fabric for everyday wear. You can find flame resistant cotton jeans, shirts, and more, through our company. Excel FR ComforTouch is a blend of 88% cotton and 12% nylon. This fabric offers the comfort of cotton, and nylon’s durability. Garments made from this fabric offer long lasting protection on the job in a variety of industries. This fabric is particularly ideal for electrical utilities and the chemical, oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. Nomex IIIA is another excellent choice for flame resistant garments. This fabric is lightweight and breathable, as well as being inherently flame resistant. Extremely durable, these garments won’t be damaged by laundering. Nomex IIIA garments are preferred by workers in the petrochemical and refinery environments. Cool Touch 2 is another flame resistant fabric option, and features unbeatable softness and lasting durability. This fabric is durable and wicks away moisture, making it a great choice for jobs in high heat.
Flame Resistant Garments. Bulwark flame resistant uniforms can meet a variety of needs. First and foremost, they keep you safe by using flame resistant fabrics that will self extinguish within seconds. Besides flame resistant coveralls, jeans, shirts, and other general work wear, we also offer Bulwark flame resistant high visibility workwear to provide protection for workers who need FR, but are also working in environments with low visibility. You can also find FR high visibility rainwear through our company. Other Bulwark flame resistant options include specialized Molten Metal Protective garments, and FR disposable.

If you need flame resistant uniforms, Bulwark provides the best protective apparel for your needs. You can find both treated and inherent flame resistant fabrics, as well as a variety of garments. Before ordering your flame resistant uniforms, make sure you know either the ATPV rating you need, or the HRC level you need to meet. Our customer service representatives will be able to show you what is available to meet your need, or you can always check out our website.