The Deluxe Insulated Bib Overall

At Automotive Workwear, we offer the best brands for your uniform needs. When it comes to flame resistant uniforms, we offer Bulwark. Bulwark is at the forefront of flame resistant technology, and consistently produces a wide variety of options that have the best protection for hazardous jobs. Whether you are an electrician, or in the oil and gas industries, or in workplace with combustible dust, we offer Bulwark flame resistant uniforms that will meet your need. For those jobs that require a little extra protection, specifically those that require an HRC level 4, the deluxe insulated bib overall is an excellent choice. This product can be found with the code: BLC8.

The deluxe insulated bib overall has a lot to offer in the way of protection, as well as being a well thought out product that is convenient for the wearer. These overalls feature five large patch pockets, and a hip pocket with closure. The pockets are convenient for use on the job, just be wary of putting flammable substances into the pockets. These flame resistant overalls have reinforced double knees offering not only padded protection for working, but also extra layers of protection against flash fires. While the deluxe insulated bib overall is made of flame resistant cotton/nylon blend, they feature full Nomex taped ankle to hip brass zippers with concealed snap closures. Elastic waist inserts keep the garment fitted, without constricting movement. The elasticized shoulder straps with non-conductive adjustable hardware offer a good fit for comfort on the job, and keep you safe in the event of an electrical arc or flash fire.

The flame resistant deluxe insulated bib overall has the added bonus of easy laundering. They can be washed in home or industrial wash, allowing you ease of laundering as often as needed. This is an important feature, since you may come into contact with flammable substances throughout the day and need to wash the uniform after each use. When laundering, all flammable substances should be removed as much as possible before washing. When laundering at home, it’s important to remember the list of what not to use on your flame resistant uniforms. Never use detergents with bleach, detergents that contain animal fat, or chlorine bleach. You should also not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Proper laundering is important for the integrity of the garment, so be sure to follow the Bulwark instructions.

There are a variety of Bulwark flame resistant uniforms available, so consider the nature of your hazard and what features are important to you in a FR garment before ordering. If you know the ATPV rating, or HRC level, that you need, a customer service representative will be able to direct you to the best options for your job. The deluxe insulated bib overall is the perfect choice for workers in the electric utility field. When it comes to safety on the job, it’s important to choose FR garments that will provide maximum protection against flash fires and electrical arcs.