Linden Grey

The Business of Hospitality: Workwear

The hospitality field of work can cover a pretty broad range of job descriptions. From servers, to housekeeping, to management, there are many different ways to dress for the job you have (or want). Often within each field there are wide variations of the proper dress code, as well. For example, a server in a mom and pop restaurant might wear jeans, but have an apron with the restaurant’s logo embroidered on it. A server at a high end hotel in Las Vegas will probably wear black dress pants, a white button down shirt, and maybe even a vest, along with an apron. Housekeeping jobs can also have a wide range of outfits, from pants and smocks, to dresses. If you are in the hospitality industry, here are a few uniform ideas that we offer through our website.


Our housekeeping uniforms are manufactured by Red Kap. They are durable, high quality, and affordable. We have a variety of pants, tunics, smocks, shirts, and dresses. Depending on your need, we have many different styles and colors. We also offer custom embroidery, so you can have your company logo and/or employee name embroidered directly on the uniform. While most of our housekeeping uniforms are tailored to fit women, we also offer a men’s housekeeping shirt that can be paired with really any of our Red Kap work pants for a professional appearance. Click on the housekeeping tab on our website to see each item in detail.

Hotel Hospitality

While these workwear garments are listed under hotel hospitality on our website, they are classic garments that could be worn for various other careers. We have several different pairs of dress pants from a higher end provider as well as dress shirts, vests, and more. If you are looking for something a little more professional and dressed up than khakis and a button down, these are the options you are going to want to check out. Quality fabrics, classic detailing, and professional appearance set these workwear garments head and shoulders above other workwear items. Again, each of these items can be custom embroidered with your company logo and/or employee name.


With open kitchens gaining popularity, and the general increase of interest in cooking, it’s important that your chefs and kitchen staff be dressed professionally and practically. We have a number of different Chef Designs garments that allow your chefs to move and cook comfortably, without compromising appearance. Traditional checkered pants and white double breasted chef coats are available, along with the sleeker black pants and black chef coats that are gaining in popularity. Our kitchen workwear is manufactured by Chef Designs, and offers the variations that you need to fit your restaurant.

With all the different job descriptions in the hospitality industry, there are many different uniform choices available. Be sure to check out our website to see if we can meet your need. From housekeeping, to chefs, to management, we have workwear garments that provide a professional appearance without sacrificing quality or comfort.