Work Apparel Wholesale Program

Buying Red Kap Work Apparel Wholesale for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner, stocking Red Kap work clothing for dedicated customers? Small businesses can find it hard to stock the right amount of work wear for the right price. Automotive Workwear offers a work apparel wholesale purchase program for small businesses reselling Red Kap, Chef Designs, or Bulwark workwear. Since Automotive Workwear is the largest work apparel wholesale distributor of these work clothing brands, this program is the perfect choice for you.

Why Buy Red Kap Work Wear?
Whether you are currently selling Red Kap work wear, or not, it never hurts to know why this brand is so great. Afterall, you should know why it appeals to so many hard workers . Red Kap has a long American history, starting up in 1923 with a family business of selling overalls. Over the years the products have expanded, but the company’s commitment to providing quality work clothing has not changed. Whether you are buying Red Kap work shirts, work pants, jackets, or coveralls, you can always expect your items to be “done right.” Red Kap takes pride in their work wear clothing, and strives to be one step ahead of the worker, anticipating their needs. This means that Red Kap is spending time in garages, medical facilities, and other places that require work clothing that is durable and comfortable. Red Kap makes a variety of clothing, including work shirts, jackets, coveralls, and work pants for the automotive field, as well as housekeeping uniforms, lab coats, and more. Customers appreciate the high quality of Red Kap work wear, as well as the low prices. Red Kap is consistently priced lower than other leading brands, without compromising on quality and detail. With breathable fabrics, and stain resistant finishes, Red Kap work wear is a good investment for any business looking to sell uniforms.

Chef Designs and Bulwark
Automotive Workwear also sells Chef Designs and Bulwark workwear at wholesale prices. Chef Designs provides quality chef coats, chef pants, aprons, and hats. Chefs need quality chef coats that can be counted on to be durable and comfortable, providing protection from hot oil and other hazards of working in the kitchen. Double breasted chef coats offer protection of the torso, while long sleeves with wide cuffs allow for easy roll down or up, depending on the station being worked. Chefs will appreciate your stock of quality Chef Designs coats, pants, hats, and aprons. Bulwark provides flame resistant work apparel for workers in the electric utility, petroleum, petro chemical, and chemical industries. Wearing the proper clothing for your job can mean the difference between minor burns, and serious life threatening burns. It’s important to know the best clothing for your job. As a small business owner, research what clothing will most benefit your customer base. Talk to a customer service representative at Automotive Workwear about how to choose the best items for wholesale ordering.

If you are interested in stocking a small quantity of workwear for your customers, consider buying work apparel wholesale from The process is simple. Give Automotive Workwear a call to get a wholesale quote, and then fill out the downloadable form for ordering wholesale depending on where you live. You’ll need to fax the form back to Automotive Workwear to set up your account. Lastly, you can place your order by phone whenever you need to restock your uniforms and workwear.