Bulwark Flame Resistant Clothing

CED2: The Flame Resistant Cotton Coveralls That Can Save Your Life

When it comes to flame resistant workwear, it’s important to choose high quality, carefully constructed garments. Not every company that is selling “flame resistant” is selling a product that will save your life. Bulwark is a leading brand in flame resistant uniforms, and manufactures quality garments, certified by a third party and tested in government labs. One of the best selling flame resistant garments through our company is the CED2. The CED2 is 100 percent cotton, treated to become flame resistant, and meets the requirements of NFPA 2112. This coverall is considered a HRC level 2, with an arc rating of 10.6 calories/cm2. What sets this coverall above and apart from other ones on the market? Let’s look at a few things that make this Bulwark coverall one of the best you can buy.

Breakaway Zipper. Flame resistant workwear from Bulwark is designed with one thing in mind: your safety. The CED2 is equipped with a two-way concealed NOMEX® taped brass breakaway zipper, which just might save your life. If your job requires you to be in close proximity to oil and gas, electrical utilities, or combustible dust, it’s important to wear the right workwear. This particular flame resistant cotton coverall is popular in the oil and gas industries. It uses breathable, comfortable cotton, and still provides protection. The breakaway zipper is especially important in the case of an accident, allowing you to quickly rip off the coveralls once away from the point of ignition. If the wearer is in a flash fire, or other accident, the flame resistant coveralls will self extinguish and provide protection. If the wearer loses consciousness or is unable to move, the breakaway zipper allows a co-worker to quickly and efficiently rip open the coveralls and help the victim.
Wide Legs. The legs of this flame resistant cotton coverall are designed to be sufficiently wide enough to go over work boots. In the case of an accident, and the garment needs to be removed quickly, once away from the point of ignition, the breakaway zipper allows the coverall to be removed from your torso, but it’s important to be able to get it off your legs as well. The wide legs ensure that you can get this coverall over your work boots for added safety.
Certified and Tested. All Bulwark flame resistant garments are third party certified and tested in a government lab to ensure that they meet all the requirements and standards. Many companies sell fire retardant clothing, or even flame resistant garments, that fail to meet the standards put forth by OSHA and NFPA. If safety is important to your company, take the time to do a little research and make sure that the flame resistant workwear you are buying is third party certified and government tested to ensure that it meets all the requirements. Investing in good flame resistant workwear, like the CED2, is always going to be more inexpensive than paying hospital bills.

If you need flame resistant coveralls, Bulwark has many different options to meet your needs. The CED2 is one of our best sellers, and you can see why. Check out our website, or call a customer service representative to find out what we can do to meet your FR needs.