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Chef Pants: Options and How to Choose, Part One

Planning what your chefs and line cooks will wear on the job can often be a task pretty far down on the to do list. Fortunately, we have a number of options that make it pretty easy to choose a great looking chef uniform with just a few easy steps. Finding the right chef pants consists of knowing what you need on the job. Are you looking for pants that easily hide food spills and stains? Or, are you looking for a chic appearance that blends seamlessly with your modern restaurant? Sometimes options can seem overwhelming, so let’s break down the various chef pants we offer, and you can determine which ones are right for you. Our pants are made by Chef Designs, so you can count on reliability, comfort, and affordability.

Unisex Side-Elastic Pants. The order code for this pair of chef pants is: 2020. These pants are a best selling item, and are available in black and white checkered, black, and white. These options allow you to choose the best look and fit for your employees. A snap closure and two hip pockets give these pants a professional look, while the side elastic allows for a comfortable, roomier fit. Unisex sizing allows for continuity in uniforms and appearance of your kitchen staff, making any of our Chef Designs unisex chef pants a good choice.

Unisex Basic Baggy Chef Pants. The order code for this pair of pants is: 5360. Another best seller, these pants offer the appeal of a classic chef uniform. These pants are available in all black, or black and white checked. They feature a full elastic waistband, and one back hip pocket. Comfortable, roomy, and excellent reviews make these pants a great option. The fabric blend of these pants allow for breathability and durability.

Spun Poly Baggy Chef Pants. The order code for this pair of pants is: PS54. These pants are made from 100% spun polyester, making them probably the most durable pair of pants you will ever own. Available in four different choices, it’s easy to customize your kitchen’s look. You can choose from all black, black and white shepherd’s check, white on black chalk stripe, or white and black check. Two side pockets and a hip pocket are handy for on the job, and the full elastic waist offers comfort, mobility, and breathability.

We have a few more options in the chef pants category that we will discuss in the next blog. The options we’ve looked at so far feature cotton/polyester blends, and one pair of 100% polyester pants. All of our chef pants come unhemmed, allowing you to customize the pants to each individual worker. You can check out our website for more information and other Chef Designs products, or you can call a customer service representative to place your order. Don’t forget to check back for the second part of this blog, looking at a couple more options and how to choose the best pants for your work environment.