Uniforms for the Kitchen

Chef Pants: Options and How to Choose, Part Two

Yesterday we looked a few of our chef pants options from Chef Designs. We have a couple more to look at today, and then a few tips on choosing the best ones for you, or your restaurant. Keep in mind, any of these pants can be mixed and matched with various chef coats and cook shirts–also available on the website.

Unisex Cotton Baggy Chef Pants. The order code for this pair of chef pants is: PC54. This pair of chef pants is made from 100% cotton, making them one of the most comfortable pair of pants you’ll ever spend a day working in. Cotton is softer and more breathable than other fabrics, making it a great choice for cooks and chefs working in a hot kitchen. Available in black or checked, these pants feature a full elastic waist, as well as two side pockets and a hip pocket.

Mens Baggy Chef Pant with Zip Fly. The order code for this pair of chef pants is: PT55. This pair of pants is designed for men, and features a zippered fly. They are available in black or checked, and have a full elastic waist, as well as two side pockets and a hip pocket. These are a cotton/polyester blend, giving them comfort and durability.

Choosing. When choosing chef pants, it’s important to keep in mind the look of your restaurant. Will your chefs and line cooks be within view of the patrons? If so, you might want to go with a sleek, all black chef uniform. Black pants look chic, but can also be sturdy and hide food stains. However, the traditional checkered pants were originally designed to distract the eye from food spills. If you’re really worried about it, checkered pants offer a traditional look, while also hiding spills and stains. The color of your pants is not quite as important as the fabric and fit. Chef pants are traditionally baggy, although some of the newer styles offer a more fitted look. Cotton/polyester blends are a good choice because the polyester offers durability for hundreds of washings, while the cotton offers softness and breathability. The roomy, baggy fit can allow for a great range of motion, and the elastic waist can allow for comfort bending down to access lower storage on the line. Choosing the right pants is all about knowing the job, and what you want from the uniform. Determine the look of your chef uniforms, and then try out different pants to get a feel for what you like the best.

You can check out our website for more information on our Chef Designs products, or you can contact a customer service representative to place an order. This blog is a good place to get started on choosing a chef uniform, but all of our products are on the website, with images, allowing you to really get a feel for the look you want to pursue. Check out what we have, and call today to get started with your order.