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Of Coveralls and Overalls: the Unlined Bib Overall

This blog series is looking at the various coveralls and overalls available through our business. We carry a number of different brands, so you can find classic work overalls and coveralls from the trusted name of Red Kap, and you can find heavy duty, flame resistant, protective workwear from Bulwark. We want to help you find exactly what you need to get your job done right, so keep reading to learn more about our various garments, or check out our website to see most of our stock. We are always happy to hear from our customers, so give our customer service representatives a call to find out more about getting the right garments as quickly as possible. Let’s take a look at the unlined bib overall, and what makes it a good choice.

The unlined bib overall is manufactured by Bulwark. It is made from flame resistant Nomex IIIA, and is easy to care for. It can be tossed in the home wash, or stand up to a light soil wash. Before ordering any flame resistant workwear, it’s important to know what regulations you need to meet for the maximum safety on your job. Are you familiar with hazard risk categories (HRC), or arc ratings? Always double check with your safety manager before ordering FR garments. The unlined bib overall, order code BNF8, is a HRC level 1. This is the lowest level of maximum protection, so depending on your job, you may need to combine this garment with certain other flame resistant garments to achieve the right level of protection. This Bulwark garment offers superior construction and detailing, like the self-fabric elastic covered straps, adding comfort and a better range of motion on the job. The reinforced double knee is good for comfort and protection. The non-conductive, heavy duty release buckles are another great detail. Pockets are important on the job, so this overall has conveniently placed pockets to make your life easier. The front bib pocket features a pencil stall, while the right leg has a ruler pocket, and the left leg has a utility pocket and hammer loop. Bulwark’s little details, like the side vent openings with snap closures, are what make their garments the best for hard workers. This garment is sewn with FR thread, conforming to the requirements of ASTM F 1506. Available in royal blue, this overall is a great choice for workers in electrical utilities.

Wearing the right garments for protection on the job can save your life. Bulwark garments are the best protection you can have to reduce your risk of severe burns and death, but it is of the utmost importance that you know and understand the regulations and requirements concerning your job. Talk to your safety manager, or employer, to find out what HRC level you need to meet, and what arc rating your workwear should be able to withstand. When you know the nature of your hazard and the level of protection you need, our customer service representatives will be able to help you choose the best garments for the job.