Uniform Embroidery Services

Embroidered Uniforms – Your Company Image Is Everything

Custom embroidered uniforms can make a big difference in the appearance of your employees and company, especially in the eyes of customers. With increased customer confindence, you get more business, which yelds increased profits. By using custom embroidery services, you can promote branding of your company, as well as uniformity, professionalism, and identity of employees. With a variety of work clothing available–work pants, work shirts, coveralls, jackets, etc., the options for customizing your company’s uniforms are endless. Embroidery services are often available wherever you buy your Red Kap uniforms and workwear. Consider adding your company’s logo and the employee’s name to his or her work shirt or jacket as just one of the ways to promote your business. Let’s look at four of the advantages of custom embroidered uniforms and work clothes.

  • Uniformity
    Embroidered uniforms in a place of business can promote the appearance of stability and consistency within the company. The company’s logo on the workwear ensures that all employees are provided with quality uniforms. Work shirts, jackets, and coveralls are great garments to custom embroider with your company logo to promote uniformity in the workplace.
  • Branding
    Custom embroidery of a company’s logo on work shirts and jackets is one way to promote your company, and an example of branding. Branding is all about making your company the answer to the problem, so that people think of your company first. By using your logo in as many places as possible, potential customers are sure to recognize and trust your brand. Company employees with coveralls, jackets, or work shirts embroidered with the company logo are automatically trustworthy and held accountable by branding.
  • Professionalism
    Maintaining a professional appearance and attitude at all times in the workplace is important for your company’s success and reputation. Custom embroidery on high quality workwear keeps your company’s employees maintaining a professional appearance whether they are wearing work pants and work shirts, or coveralls. By ordering uniforms and embroidery at the same time, you will streamline the process of obtaining professional attire for your employees. Ordering uniforms and custom embroidery from the same company also ensures quality and uniformity of embroidery and workwear, which helps to promote professionalism in your company.
  • Identity
    Custom embroidery on uniforms is a good opportunity to provide the employee’s identity, as well as the company’s. A logo shows branding and identity of the company, while an embroidered name tag shows professional courtesy. Embroidered names on coveralls are a good way for customers to feel comfortable with your company and employees. Identity of your company and employees is important for your company’s reputation and branding.
If you are considering custom embroidered uniforms, its important to remember one thing: Anyone can sell workwear online, but not all companies are equal when it comes to digitizing and customization. Digitizing is an art and proper customization requires skill and years of experience. It’s important to make sure your uniforms look great since your image is everything. If you already have a trusted local Red Kap dealer in your area, great give them a call.  If not, try AutomotiveWorkwear.com which has an expert embroidery team with years of experience in customization.  Building up your company’s reputation is hard work, but it pays off when customers trust and appreciate seeing that professional logo on your employee uniforms. Employee names are also an important detail in keeping your company image professional, and making your customers feel welcome and safe. Talk to your uniform supplier today about adding custom embroidery to your new work uniform order, and enjoy the benefits.