Custom Logo Embroidery

Custom Embroidery Services: What We Do, and Why You Want It

Automotive Workwear is the nation’s largest distributor of Red Kap work apparel, and carries a number of other leading brands in their industries. We sell Bulwark flame resistant workwear, as well as outfitting kitchens with Chef Designs workwear. If you have a workwear need, we can supply it. What you might not realize, however, is that you can choose the garment that will help you get your job done, and we can add custom embroidery to it. Choose one of our best selling technician jackets, or a long sleeve work shirt, and add your company logo and/or employee name to the garment. We even have flame resistant thread, allowing us to custom embroider flame resistant workwear.

What We Do

If you are interested in custom embroidery for your order, the process is fairly simple. Our embroidery machines read a special format, so the first step is emailing your company logo as a jpeg. Once we receive it, we will convert it into a digitized file that our embroidery machines can read, and we will run off a sample. The sample will be sent to you for approval, and once it is approved, the file will be saved for future use. That means that whenever you order from us, you can count on quality embroidery that is consistent. We charge a one-time digitizing fee of $79, but after your logo is approved and in the system, you can use it for the run off charge. Depending on what you are ordering, the cost of added embroidery changes. For example, an order of 30 embroideries will cost $6.95 per garment, but an order of over 500 embroideries will cost $5.25 per garment. Our embroidery specialists have years of experience, and can turn your company logo into custom embroidery on your jackets, work shirts, coveralls, and more. Check out our website for more information on our custom embroidery services and what we do.

Why You Want It

Custom embroidery is a good idea for many reasons. It offers branding of your company, better customer service, and a more uniform appearance among employees. Whether you are looking to get your company name out there, or reinforce using your company to get the job done, custom embroidered logos on your work wear can help you. Embroidering company logos and/or employee names can help your company provide better customer service. Customers feel safer with the recognition of your company logo, and knowing the employee’s name. Not to mention, it helps to hold your employees accountable for the way they treat customers. Lastly, custom embroidery can give your employees a uniform appearance. While various workers may wear different workwear garments, having the same company logo can give them a professional, united look.

We offer leading workwear brands, quality at an affordable price, and you can add custom embroidery. The process is simple, and it can do a lot for your business. Check out our website for more information, or call a customer service representative today.