High Visibility Work Apparel

Everything You Need for High Visibility Workwear

High visibility workwear is needed for a variety of jobs. We offer many options for high visibility, enhanced visibility, and reflective work shirts, and more. We also have ANSI compliant high visibility work apparel. If you are working in a high traffic area with low visibility conditions, you are probably in need of hi-vis gear. Depending on the amount of traffic and speed limits where you are working, there are different requirements for the level of high visibility workwear you need to wear. Be sure to check with your safety manager or do your research before ordering. Let’s take a quick look at a few of our favorite options in this category.

Enhanced Visibility Long Sleeve Shirt

This work shirt is a long sleeve, button down style. The fabric is a polyester and cotton blend poplin. The polyester keeps the garment durable, while the cotton keeps it soft and breathable. It features TouchTex II technology. With two chest pockets, you can easily keep needed items handy. There is 2.5” enhanced visibility trim applied across the pockets, down the sleeves, and two horizontal stripes across the back. This work shirt can be tossed in the home wash, or stand up to industrial washings. Please keep in mind, this shirt offers 360 degree visibility, but it is not ANSI 107-2004 or ANSI 107-2010 compliant. This enhanced visibility work shirt has excellent reviews from our customers, and is manufactured by Red Kap. Check it out with the order code: SP14WM.

Hi Visibility Short Sleeve Shirt

Our high visibility short sleeve shirt, order code SS24HV, is a class 2, level 2, for high visibility workwear. It’s available in either orange or yellow green, with silver reflective striping. This shirt is 100 percent polyester, so you can count on it being durable enough for long days on the job. There are two chest pockets, handy for holding needed items. This shirt features a button down closure, and is manufactured by Red Kap. This shirt offers 360 degree visibility, with front and back 2” reflective striping that crosses the front shoulders and goes down the back. There is also a horizontal strip above the waist. This garment is not flame resistant, but it is ANSI 107-2004 and ANSI 107-2010 class 2 level 2 compliant. See it up close on our website.

Hi Visibility Safety Vest

Of our high visibility workwear, the hi visibility safety vest is a quick and convenient option for wearing over your clothing. The vest is ANSI 107-2004 and ANSI 107-2010 compliant, available in yellow green with silver reflective striping. The vest features a hook and loop front closure, with adjustable sides. It offers 360 degree visibility with front and back 2” reflective striping. This garment is manufactured by Red Kap, and designed to easily be tossed in your home wash. Check it out with the order code: VYV6YE.

We have many options on our website for high visibility workwear, including some garments that are high visibility and flame resistant! You can place your order through our website, or call a customer service representative for help.