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The Fabric of Your Work Life: What is Your Workwear Made From?

Your favorite work pants, those work shirts that are your go-to, even the jacket that you love to wear, each garment is made from fabric. Some people always check tags and fabrics before buying, while others just go with “if it’s comfortable, I’ll wear it.” For all of those people, let’s take a quick look at why the fabric you are choosing matters.

Some of the most common fabric choices include cotton, polyester, spandex, and nylon. There are good–even great–things about each of these options! Cotton is generally softer, a natural fiber, and it’s a breathable material. Working in a hot environment, cotton will always be a good choice. Polyester is a super-durable man-made material. It is usually going to stay wrinkle-free, wear like iron, and wash really well. Spandex gives your clothes that little bit of stretch that keeps them comfortable, while nylon is a popular choice for a variety of reasons, including strength, weather resistance, and versatility. Each fabric is found regularly in workwear, and can be found in varying degrees in most of our brands.

We offer the best for the automotive industry by being the nation’s leading distributor for Red Kap apparel. Red Kap is at the forefront of automotive workwear, always thinking one step ahead for the garage and the racetrack. They guarantee workwear “done right,” to help you do your job. Our Red Kap workwear covers everything from work jeans, to coveralls, to work shirts, to technician jackets, and everything in between. We offer garments that are 100 percent cotton, as well as cotton/polyester blends. Most of our jackets are lined with nylon, helping to keep you warm and dry against the elements. If you are outside in the Florida heat, you might want to choose coveralls that are 100 percent cotton. If you have a job that is going to cause a lot of wear and tear to your clothing, you might want to choose a cotton/polyester blend–you will have the comfort and softness of cotton, but the durability and easy care of polyester. Each garment on our website lists the fabric, so when you find a workwear choice that suits you, look to see what it is made from. If you can’t find the information, be sure to call a customer service representative to find out.

We are also proud to carry a number of other workwear brands, including Chef Designs, Bulwark, and Horace Small. While these brands also use cotton and polyester, you will find that flame resistant workwear by Bulwark has even more fabric options–enough for it’s own blog post. Our kitchen workwear comes in a variety of fabrics and prices, but keep in mind that 100 percent cotton will probably do best for keeping cool in a hot kitchen. Oh, and if these fabrics aren’t enough to keep you happy, be sure to check out our garments that are “ripstop.” With a special weaving, our ripstop garments are perfect for heavy wear on the job.