AW- Red Kap Shirt

Fabrics & Features: Rip Stop, Nylon, and Fabric Plackets

At Automotive Workwear, we sell a lot of workwear to large companies, small companies, and individuals. Sure, our competitive pricing is amazing, but the biggest draw is simply that we sell the Red Kap brand. Red Kap has an excellent reputation of workwear “done right,” and our customers love being able to count on well priced, quality garments, and quick shipping. Even more than the basics, our customers love the details that Red Kap adds to make their garments so practical. Today we’ll look at some fabrics and features that we are thrilled to let you know about!

Rip Stop Fabric

This fabric is, basically, just fantastic. It is a polyester/cotton blend, but the weaving of the fibers makes a neat little box shape that keeps the fabric from ripping. If you get a tiny hole in your shirt, no need to worry that it will turn into a giant tear. The fact that it’s polyester ensures the durability and longevity of the garment. The cotton keeps the garment soft and breathable–a big plus when you need a shirt that will last all through the work day. The finish is another bonus, with superior color retention through hundreds of washings, soil release for easy cleaning, and wickability to keep you cool (and more dry) during a long, sweaty day at work. While we have a number of shirts in rip stop fabric available, be sure to check out the SY20. It’s our short sleeve Mechanics Crew Shirt for men, and it’s a bestseller. You are sure to love it.


Nylon fabric is a favorite for many reasons. It’s a manmade material, built to stand up to extreme conditions. It is waterproof, making it a great choice for outerwear. Our Nylon Crew Jacket is a bestseller, perfect for rainy days, and lined with polyester fleece for warmth. Nylon was first introduced in the 1930s, and has gained popularity and found many different uses since that time. It is regularly used for garments, and was originally designed to be a synthetic silk substitute. Besides our Crew Jacket, you’ll find nylon fabric in a number of our coats, jackets, lab coats, and even flame resistant workwear.

Fabric Plackets

Fabric plackets are one of our favorite features on Red Kap shirts and coveralls. If you have ever done touch up work on a car, or seen a fresh paint job, you know that scratching it with exposed buttons is the worst! Red Kap’s fabric plackets, like the one on our bestselling mechanics shirt, is perfect for concealing buttons and keeping you from accidentally marring fresh paint.

With all our brands, from Red Kap, to Horace Small, to Bulwark, we have so many different fabrics and features that we love. Rip stop fabric is a current favorite, for sure, but nylon is a classic and that can’t be ignored. Check back regularly for more fabrics and features that we are excited to share with you!