Favorite Work Pants

Let’s talk about work pants. Do you have a favorite pair? Of course you do. Work pants either allow you to do your job in ease and comfort, or they make your workday a pain in the neck. The pants that you always choose if they are clean, those are the ones that you want more of–so start thinking of why you like them so much. Start by asking yourself a few questions:

Are they comfortable? Do they fit well at the waist and in the seat? Are the pockets adequate? What would you improve on?

Depending on your job, a good pair of work pants will by stylish as well as functional. Regardless of appearance, your pants should be comfortable. It can be hard to do a job well when you keep thinking about how uncomfortable your garments are. A good fit in the waist and seat are key to finding a comfortable pair of pants. While we offer a wide variety of work pants in various fits and styles, the best way to ensure a good fit is by measuring. You can find instructions on how to properly measure for the right fit on our website, or in another blog post dedicated to measuring instructions. While the waist and seat are important areas of comfort to consider, many of our brands are thinking beyond. Our Wrangler work pants feature an inner gusset to allow a broader range of movement! And then, of course, depending on your shape and your specific job, we have pants in varying fits including loose and regular. The loose fit will hang a little bit baggy, but can be the better choice if you have a very active job. Pockets are a must for work pants. Whether you are working on engines, detailing autos, or in the manufacturing business, there are always little gadgets that you wind up needing to carry around. Tire gauges, paintbrushes, pencils, and various other items can be necessary to have close at hand. Many of our Red Kap work pants feature a wide variety of pockets, including the expected 5 pockets on denim, and cargo pockets that feature extra storage. While you may already have a favorite pair of pants, ask yourself what you would improve on, if possible. Do you find your pants ripping easily? Is the garment care quick and easy, or do you find yourself having to use industrial laundering or dry cleaning? Our new Red Kap work pants feature rip stop fabric, which is a special way of weaving the fabric so that if you get a hole, the fabric will not tear. Not only does the fabric look and feel great, the peace of mind that you will have a lasting pair of work pants is priceless. Most of our garments are built to withstand industrial launderings, but can also be tossed in the home wash if that’s preferable. Try to think of how you would improve your favorite pants, and Red Kap has probably designed it.

Our brands, Red Kap, Wrangler, and others, are constantly working to make your job easier. They are thinking ahead to the improvements you would like to see in your work garments, and have many advances in workwear to your benefit. Check out all the options on our website!