Finding An Everyday Work Shirt

Finding the right work shirt for your business involves knowing the needs of your employees. If you have come to Automotive Workwear, there’s a good chance that you are looking for your garage or automotive business. We have a wide variety of work shirt options, including the very best from brands like Red Kap and Wrangler. Know what your employees need to do their jobs, and then use the information to choose the best work garments.


Often the very first need is comfort. Whether you are changing the oil, or a tire, you don’t want to worry about ripping seams or itchy fabric. Put comfort at the top of your list, and your employees will thank you. Choosing a 100 percent cotton, or a cotton blend, fabric will ensure a breathable work shirt that is soft to the skin. While Red Kap garments are designed with ample room for movement, Wrangler also makes shirts with an added gusset to allow a broader range of movement on the job.


A functional work shirt is a practical work shirt. Do your employees need to carry a tire gauge or pencil most of the time? Look for a shirt with a pencil stall. Will your employees need to bend over or brush up against fresh paint jobs? A shirt with a covered placket is just what you need–covering the buttons with fabric is a sure way to allow practical ease of movement on the job. Most people need pockets on the job, so you should consider whether open chest pockets are enough, or if they need to have button flaps to ensure items don’t fall out. Another thing to consider is the ease of laundering. Will you need the garments able to withstand industrial washings, or will employees wash their own garments? Most of our Red Kap shirts are designed to be sturdy enough for industrial washings.


While your employees may not be overly concerned with the hippest fad on the runways, they will appreciate styling that looks professional without compromising comfort. Our Red Kap shirts have classic styling and striping, and can even be seen on PowerBlock TV. Many of our shirts feature a straight hem, allowing for a professional appearance even when worn untucked.

Special Features

Comfort, style, and functionality of the garment are all important when choosing an everyday work shirt. However, special features can really make a work garment. Check out our Red Kap shirts featuring rip stop fabric. They have great style, and fabric that won’t rip if it gets a hole. All our garments can have custom embroidery added to them. Having the special feature of your company logo, and/or employee name on the garment has a multitude of benefits, including branding and customer satisfaction.

Check out our website to see the many different everyday shirts we offer, including Red Kap and Wrangler options. Determine the qualities and features that are important to you and your employees, and choose the best shirt for your business. You can order directly off the website, or call a customer service representative.