Choosing Work Coveralls

Five Tips for Choosing Work Coveralls

Work coveralls are great for protecting your skin and clothing on the job. Are yours constantly wearing out, unable to hold up against a rigorous job? It can be tough finding the best coveralls for you. If you want to find better coveralls without wasting money, follow these five tips.

  1. Use. Before buying coveralls, or any piece of work wear, you really need to determine how it will be used. Think about your job, and what the item of clothing will be up against. Are you an automotive technician, dealing with grease and oil all day, needing a sturdy pair of coveralls? Or are you a painter, and just need something lightweight to protect your clothing and skin? Determine how you really need your coveralls to work, and that will affect how you follow the other tips.
  2. Materials. Choosing the material for your coveralls depends on how you’re going to use them. Cotton twill is a popular choice, and makes good sense for automotive jobs. It’s a little heavier of a blend for added protection, but the fabric is still breathable making it comfortable. 100 percent cotton is another popular choice, although this fabric makes for a little bit lighter of a covering. This might be what you want for painting. If you need a lot of protection, or warmth, you can buy insulated coveralls. While the outside fabric will be twill, the inside will offer quilted nylon.
  3. Comfort. Of course, comfort is one of the most important factors in choosing coveralls. Look for a pair of coveralls that fits well, with generous armhole openings for ease of movement. Make sure that you have a friend measure you to ensure a proper fit. Some coveralls are designed to go over your clothing, while others are meant to be worn as clothing.
  4. The Extras. This is where it comes down to bells and whistles, and the little extras that make your job easier. Do you need a lot of pockets? Most coveralls offer a variety of pockets and placements. You can choose from zipper closures and snap closures, and you also have your choice of short sleeve or long sleeve. There are different collar styles too, depending on what makes more sense for your job and protecting your skin. These choices really all go back to determining how you will use your work coveralls.
  5. Choose Red Kap. The last tip is simply to choose Red Kap. Red Kap has been making overalls and coveralls in America since the 1920s. They are one of the most trusted work wear brands, and they provide comfort and durability “done right.” The Red Kap offerings through Automotive Workwear are consistently lower priced than any other leading brands, but provide more durability. Check out the coverall lineup at Automotive Workwear, and consider these tips when choosing a pair.

Buying coveralls, and any work wear, can be a simple process when you know what is important to you in your clothing. Stop wasting money on lesser quality coveralls, and start buying coveralls that provide comfort and long lasting durability. Choose Red Kap when buying.